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Blue Moon January by nymphofwater Blue Moon January :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 3 0 Red Sky at Night by nymphofwater Red Sky at Night :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 1 0
:OC: Midnight
NAME: Midnight
AGE: 1000 but she looks 18 [has never aged since she turned 18]
RACE: Vampire
FAMILY: Mother vampire [deceased] Father Shadow Demon
Her mother used to be one of the god of the underworlds females, she escaped and soon after met Serena's father.  A Year later Serena was born, they had quite a nice life until 1 year later when her mother past caught up with her.  The god of the underworld had found her and as she would not go back with him he killed her, when he saw Serena he was disgusted and was just about to kill her when her father showed up and took her far away where he looked after her.
At the age of 150 she helped out her farther with some demonic problems and ended up fighting against Holda Kismet (Hidden Fate) who always held on to a Ruby full of power.  Within the fight something happened with the ruby and it somehow re-aligned itself to Serena, meaning that Ho
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:OC: CoS Training Building - Ground Floor by nymphofwater :OC: CoS Training Building - Ground Floor :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 :OC: Abandoned Manor - Third Floor (Rafters) by nymphofwater :OC: Abandoned Manor - Third Floor (Rafters) :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 :OC: Abandoned Manor - Second Floor by nymphofwater :OC: Abandoned Manor - Second Floor :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 1 0 :OC: Abandoned Manor - First Floor by nymphofwater :OC: Abandoned Manor - First Floor :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 :OC: Abandoned Manor - Ground Floor by nymphofwater :OC: Abandoned Manor - Ground Floor :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 1 0 :OC: Abandoned Manor - Basement Lab by nymphofwater :OC: Abandoned Manor - Basement Lab :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 Drink Your Damn Tea by nymphofwater Drink Your Damn Tea :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 2 6 Delicate Ice Flowers by nymphofwater Delicate Ice Flowers :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 Siya - High White Mage by nymphofwater Siya - High White Mage :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 8 0 misskay and Kitten by nymphofwater misskay and Kitten :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 Vampire Ninja Kiwi by nymphofwater Vampire Ninja Kiwi :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 0 0 Luna Rebane Avatar Art by nymphofwater Luna Rebane Avatar Art :iconnymphofwater:nymphofwater 2 0
:OC: 6 Years Part Three
As Nathan was walking to his parents' house all he had running through his mind was the conversation he and Nixie had the night before she left six years previous.  The night he had proposed to her, after they had been dating for over five years.
They were at Nixie's home, he was there helping her prepare; he did solo missions all the time, so he knew the kind of things she would need.  Nixie had been kind of giddy all day; Nathan put it down to a mix of emotions.  As Nixie was putting the last few things she needed into her bag she turned around to face Nathan "wow a solo mission… I know I have been asking for one for ages, but I am kind of nervous about it" Nixie had a huge grin on her face when she said this, so obviously the excitement was out weighing the nervousness.  Nathan had placed what he was holding on her desk before walking up to her and placing his arms around her "you need to calm down Nixie.  I think that is
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I Did It
Summary:  Short story of when Roger asked Yuri to get the teleportation device to work.
Yuri:  Hey Roger.
Roger:  Yuri, can you help me?
Yuri:  Hmph, that depends.  What do ya need help with?
Roger:  Well, remember the teleportation machine?
Yuri:  Oh ya, that piece of crap?  You know, that thing almost killed me when you used it on me?
Roger:  Yeah, but I’ve fixed it so it shouldn’t be dangerous this time.
Yuri:  Ah huh…so, what do you want me to do then?
Roger:  I need you to run on the treadmill thing so the machine will work.
Yuri:  Alrighty! Let’s go!
Roger:  Go ahead!  Oh, one warning though…it goes pretty fast.
Yuri:  Yeah, yeah whatever.  If you were able to run on this, as OLD as you are, I sure as hell can run on this piece of junk.
Roger:  All right.
[Yuri starts running……b
:iconbree-ahla:Bree-Ahla 5 24
Summary:  Just a short story of when Roger was asking them if they could check out the Neam Ruins..
Roger:  Oh, Yuri!  It’s terrible! *cries*
Anastasia:  What’s wrong, Roger?
Roger:  There is an extremely powerful evil coming from the Nemeaton Ruins.  I      need you guys to see   what’s down there!
Anastasia:  Hah!  Don’t worry, roger!  We’ll take care of it!
Yuri:  Heh heh… who’s WE?!?!
Anastasia:  What do you mean “who’s we”?!  We’re ALL going!
Yuri:  Nope!  No way!  I don’t want to do something I don’t have to!
Anastasia:  Joachim?
Joachim:  Me neither.  Anyway….it sounds kind of scary.
Anastasia:  Ugh!  Come on, guys!
Kurando:  I’ll go with you Anastasia.
:iconbree-ahla:Bree-Ahla 4 6
Gift Art: Your Fortune by dulcis-absinthe Gift Art: Your Fortune :icondulcis-absinthe:dulcis-absinthe 8 8 Alice Elliot Sketchdump by dulcis-absinthe Alice Elliot Sketchdump :icondulcis-absinthe:dulcis-absinthe 6 27 Alice and Yuri by lyxven Alice and Yuri :iconlyxven:lyxven 52 14 Black Crystal Necklace by Aranwen Black Crystal Necklace :iconaranwen:Aranwen 423 27






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