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Box of Grief

This is a box I gave Dru. Design is by Steelghost [link] from the Pyramid Gallery. ( [link] )
yes, it physically excists :)
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I have been speaking with the administrator of the pyramid gallery and have a proposition for you... please contact me. my email is on the bottom of all my work , or you can note me if you prefer. :-)
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Just read the addition of this to the Pyramid Gallery mythos.

Very nicely tied in! :D
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Thanks :-) the way I see it, nymph put so much effort in she deserved a decent bit of the history to go with it.
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actually, the design is mine - [link]
and I also own one of the few actual replicas made by the pyramid gallery of my box - I like yours too :-) what did you make it from?
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yeah it's yours :) I hope you don't mind that I used it but it was my friend's wish. :)
a simple wood cube as base painted black and I use golden leaf for the gold parts. I think this box ended up quite nice :)

I've put your link in the description too. :)
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don't mind at all, its nice that your friend likes it so much :-)
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