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Worship Shoes Concept

Extract from Eve's Museum of Crush:

"Worship Shoes allow a Lady to fasten tiny bugs under her feet, either on the insole of her shoe or under the shoe, striking them violently against the floor under each step. Uses vary from entertainment purposes, worship, punishment of bad slaves, sadistic torture, reward of fetishist bugs and even for massage and foot care. (...) This invention secured the future of a tiny little bug who was about to be squished flat by Lady Lea out of boredom. Said little bug is now living as a permanent insole beneath Lady Lea's feet. When asked, said bug replied it should have settled for being crushed, as Lady Lea is spending a LOT of time standing up and walking around."

If only this existed...

[edit]: Drachne :icondrachne: has written a great story involving these shoes! Read it here!
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To avoid the screaming and crunching sounds that come from the trauma of being CRUSHED under sandals, and the woman's powerful feet and toes in them, bugs should try to refrain from being in those areas:)

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Others may argue they're drawn to those places because it's a fetish ;)

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glad you like it :)

What a wonderful concept for all us tinies!.., I an aficionado of being dominated and overpowered beneath the weight of a Giantess and your worship shoes concept fills them completely. I would either choose the crucible pit and be squashed and torn to shred by a Giantess's Nylon clad heel, but being in the slim fit pit is exciting too. I an obese tiny so I don't think I'd last long before I'd be squooshed. I was think about Accessories being offered and seeing how a Giantess would want Her shoes cleaned of all those squished tinies, perhaps a maintenance crew could be included at no extra cost to do "shoe-keeping duties"
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Trampling under such a titaness must be quite the experience, especially if she doesn't crush her subs to death so they can live and tell the tale. Being an obese tiny might be an interesting feel to her, you might become her favorite toy, be careful with playful giantesses :) I know the feeling, overpowered under a giantess' immeasurable weight must feel fantastic. I am completely addicted to looking at bare feet's flesh deforming slowly as their weight settles in, like their heels slowly landing on the sole of high heel sandals and taking the weight in... that's so friggin arousing:drool: , that's what inspired me to engineer a way of surviving the day under her.

As for cleaning crews, there could very well be a contest, like a national lottery or some sort of "ninja warrior" contest where you must prove your worth to be cleaning crew, as it is a very special privilege to access her insoles !
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Holy cow. This is fucking awesome :clap:

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:P Thank you very much!

J'adore !!!!!

J'aimerai tellement que ce genre de chaussure existe et être un lilliputiens 😍😍

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Merci! Haha j'aimerais bien aussi! C'est pour ça que j'ai fait la série des micronautes, sorte de tout petits drones humanoïdes que l'on pilote avec de la VR pour avoir l'impression d'être effectivement minuscule...
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Needs wax coated insoles so they're easy to clean at the end of the day. :P
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Yeah, I bet the tinies will be given little bowls of wax, so they can dip their tongues in it, in order to coat the insoles in a worshipful fashion :)
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I'd love to be under her soles. Just imagine using boots instead
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well, I prefer shoes that let you see at least the ankle and the top of the foot but, I guess this kind of concept can be applied to boots too :)
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I just said boots because most types of boots are very concealed
nymmaz's avatar
haha it's fine ;) there are all types of boots, some look awesome ^^
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True there's lots of different type of boots I like all kinds of shoes but something about boots are just so sexy in my opinion
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Definitely, I'll get much pickier on how she dresses if she has boots though.
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I want to be inside one of those too!!! T.t 
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