Felting a raw wool fleece timelapse!

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Felting a raw wool fleece 
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So cool! :la:

And I love your pants!

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Well, it's cool... but I don't really understand the process. You pull all the wool lose, lay it on top of unprocessed wool, make it wet and then it just bonds?
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It is described in more detail in the video description, and also i have another video on the topic with instructions in the captions/subtitles: youtu.be/BPa7zXkx3Z0
But myeas, I had a sheep wool fleece, meaning its been sheared from the sheep in one go so its still pretty intact. I put that upside down and then put carded wool on top of what, then used warm water and soap to felt it. That's basically it.
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Ah yes. That subtitle was useful. (I keep thinking you're from Eastern Europe.) It's still pretty amazing how the alpaca wool and sheep's wool "bond" like that, even though a few patches didn't.
Is this something they used to do centuries ago?