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Hi! Just wanted to let you all know, now that I’m back home, I decided to put these remaining yule goat holiday cards back up in my Etsy shop!
Christmas/Yule is moving in fast :0🐐🎅🐐

Drawing made by the awesome Ksenia Bakhareva Bakhareva  based on my yule goat costume! <3

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Helloo thar. This weekend I fired those little ceramic beads at last! I fired them in a grill and I documented it so you can check it out here and maybe try it yourself:    

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Heyheey! I just made a huge ass post on my Patreon with photos from Visby Gotland this summer.
Check it out, it is public!… 

Thank you for all orders so far!! I had no idea if anyone would be interested in this kind of sale but I felt excited about it so I went for it, and I’m so happy and grateful it seems to be a success! 😍😍😍

There are still a bunch of items up for grabs, seen in this image!
They’ll be up for another 2,5 days. :) 

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Weehuuu I did it!

The Yule Goat themed shop update is at last LIVE!

Link for you: 🐐💚🙏

Here are some photos of some of the items there were not included in the preview (except for the blank masks). These are just a few of all the things available.

I'm super excited about these greeting cards in the top of the image! I have collaborated with the amazing artist Bakhareva to make these cards! Ksenia made this illustration based on my own Yule Goat costume, and I love this drawing so much. The regular cards have rounded corners, and I also hand cut a few to an arched top.

At midnight (CEST/Sweden) on October 13th this "Yule Goat" sale ends, after which these items will no longer be available.
I will be shipping your packages at two dates: Oct 8th and 15th.
I am keeping this sale simple and short, since I am working full time at another job, in another city, until November.

Thank you so darn much for the interest in my work, no matter if you are purchasing anything or just reading/seeing my posts! To think that you want to spend some time on enjoying my work is just amazing to me!

Shop update is LIVE! by Nymla

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Heyhey! There is now a preview of the shop update at my instagram stories as well as my newsletter, you can go directly to this newsletter without signing up here:…
embedded_item1537777619972 by Nymla

Exciting news - I’m planning a quite big Yule Goat themed shop update soon, two weeks from now!

And I just made a Facebook event for this sale.
In case you like hanging out on Facebook, I thought this would be a good way to get notified about the sale?
Here it is:…

Here are two blank goat masks I’m working on, which will be included in the shop update. There will also be some tails etc. And other Yule Goat:y “props” that I have collected from second hand or antique shops.
All kinds of things for you to make your own Yule Goat - or Krampus or other - costume!
Currently I’m working at a full time job in the weeks (until Nov) so I am getting this shop update ready in the weekends.

Yule Goat sale incoming! by Nymla

So the plan is as follows:

  1. Next weekend I will show you a preview of most of the items, on Instagram and via my newsletter. (Easiest way to stay updated with this sale and other news is definitely via my newsletter: )

  2. And one week after that - about two weeks from now - Oct 1st -  the sale will go live! I will ofc announce it here.

  3. This sale will only be live during about two weeks - it will end on Oct 13th, after which the items will no longer be available - since I have limited time to spend on this atm.

  4. Shipping will happen at two dates: Oct 8th and Oct 15th. 

The usual shipping time estimates are:
Sweden: 3 days
Europe: 1-2 weeks
Rest of the world: 2-3 weeks

It can differ of course, I don’t have control over the shipping or the customs. Also, large packages (like masks etc) are automatically sent with express to most countries, and will usually arrive faster then the estimates above.

Hope you are as excited about all these Yule Goat goodies as I am! :D (Big Grin)

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Did you know I have a Twitter?
I have had it for a while but not actually used it until now!
Come teach me how twitter works? 😅

Also, I just made a post to my Patreon page, with a bunch of photos from last weekend!
Check out the public post here:

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If you like this, consider supporting me on Patreon! :)

Hope you enjoy this little tour of my studio and parts of my home. Damn I have a lot of stuff… I use so many different materials in my work, and also I do tend to collect things, you can never have too many antique scissors, right?

Oh damn I just realized I spelled “scissors” totally wrong in the video, please forgive meeee!

I made this video mainly for my Patrons, since we reached the next goal over there! :D They got a first look at this, but thought you all might like to see it too.

Thanks for watching!
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The new Art Monsters Of Sweden logo and website is up and running!!

Galleries and interviews with all the artists (in Swedish)!

Check it out and spread the word of our Swedish dark art revolution :)

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This weekend my little yule goat guy, and two other masks, will be displayed at Nordsken in Skellefteå, a games-culture-art convention.
Today was the opening but the exhibition will be there until Saturday with lots of cool art to check out.

See more photos from the exhibition heeere!

Parts of the exhibition, including the goat guy, will move to Skellefteå Konsthall (art gallery) 14-26 May!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

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Just wanted ya all to know that I have done
some updates to my Patreon rewards and goals.
Feel free to check em out below :)
I also updated the about text on my page!

Find my Patreon riight here:



The Patreon:

Thank you for stopping by! :) :bademoticon: 
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Joining in on this #artvsartist thinnnggg! :0

A weirdo in the forest.

I juust wanted to make another artvsartist with some photography, you know:

I actually just the other day got my new camera, aaahh!! (It's a Lumix G80/85, love it so far.)
Can't wait for all this snow to melt so I can go photographing and frolicking in the moss!
That photo in the middle is from today, but it is actually slowly melting and the days are sunny!

Honored to be a part of this group of Swedish horror/dark/goth/steampunk/lowbrow/popsurrealism artists! 🖤

I'm so excited to see this movement grow here in Sweden, have been waiting for something like this since forever! :excited: rvmp

Go check it out and spread the word! :D
💀 Instagram:…
💀 Facebook:…

"We are an online art collective from Sweden. We represent genres like lowbrow, popsurrealism steampunk, raw, burlesque and horror - genres which are usually overlooked by the Swedish art world.
We want to change that by making our demons, ghosts and our magical creatures have fun together in group shows. We will be popping up here and there, like a travelling circus.
Welcome to the world of the Swedish ART MONSTERS! "

Foolish People are making a film - Armageddon Gospels - and my mask is in there :D
Here's a little sneak peek photo. I can't wait to see the film!

They have a trailer out, check iiit:

They also have a Patreon!

Check out these awesome posters for the film, made by Harleqvin Studio!


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In case you wonder why I am not posting much here recently, I am currently working a full time job in another city for about two months, I will be back in late March!
Until then, or at least during Feb, I will probably not be posting much at all.
Hope you all are having a fantastic start to this year. I will be back soon with new creations :shuffelin: 

Now, this drawing here!

I have been in love with the drawings by Bakhareva (Ksenia Bakhareva/Bonificat) for quite some time and to see their version of my Yule Goat costume is just too amazing!!
I just love how Ksenias style of drawing is mixed with my goat, and aall the little details in there, and the textures!
Go check out the work of Bakhareva :la: choir 

More links:

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Edit: sale is now over. Thank you so much for the orders placed! Love 

Hey everyone!

To make room for new beginnings in my shop and my life I am having a big sale. Dance! 

40% off all physical items - except two of the masks.

Check it out in my shop:

-No coupon code needed.
-The sale ends on Friday afternoon (Swedish time, CET), Jan 19th.
-All items will be shipped on the 19th.
-After this all physical items (not my PDF tutorials) will be taken down from the shop, since I am going to be away from home for two months.

🌱 🙌 Let the cleansing begin! 🙌 🌱

Here is the complete timelapse video from making this mask & costume, from sculpting to sewing the clothes etc.

This video covers most of the process, but longer versions of the clips in this video + more info/instructions about the process etc is available (most of them to Lvl2+ patrons):

Hope you enjoy! :D

❄[00:04] The mask has been sculpted with a pottery clay (similar to WED clay I think).
❄[01:32] It was molded with ”Cassini's plaster”, but I recommend Jesmonite or a similar "acrylic polymer liquid"/"polymer-modified plaster" instead.
❄[02:02] ”Cast" in a paper clay which I make mainly from reused newspapers.
❄[02:30] The horns have been sculpted, molded and cast in resin.
❄[03:07] The mask has a hood of real sheep's wool that I have wet felted (the wool has been sheared from a sheep living on a farm here in Sweden).
❄[04:36] The bells on the horns, I was told are old sami reindeer bells that I bought at a thrift shop.
❄[04:41] The boots are leather sami style boots - so called näbbskor – that I dyed. I also made a pair of wool boot wraps.
❄[05:28] The knitted sweater I bought second hand and then dyed and distressed.
❄[05:58] I sewed a pair of pants with wool fabric that I also distressed.
❄[06:54] I have sewn a cloak with wool fabric, added a trim and also sheep's wool as a bottom trim + distressed it.
❄[08:05] The näverkont - a backpack made of birch bark - I also bought second hand and I added two leather straps with old sleigh bells. On the back of the näverkont there are old rusty chains, also bought second hand - they had previously been used for livestock on some farm.
❄[09:15] I made a bunch of julklappar (yule gifts), wrapped them in fabrics and sealed with wax seal stamps.
❄[10:15] The mittens have been nålbundna (needlebound) + wet felted by me, with wool yarn.
❄[10:23] I also made a tail with fabrics, wool, leather scraps and small bells.
❄[11:13] I added a couple of old wooden spoons so that the yule goat can eat his yule porridge and drink his yule mead. Also an old key - maybe a magical key that lets him enter any house during yule?
❄[11:22] My friend Magnus Marklund wore the costume to a yule/christmas market – it was great!

Photos of the Yule Goat:
History & inspiration of the Yule Goat:

How to wet felt a sheep wool rug:
The Yule Goat visits a yule market:
My paper clay tutorial:…

Wearing the costume at the yule/christmas market: Magnus Marklund - check out his art!…

Music in the video is made by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license:…
Song: Master of the Feast - Source:…
Song: Grim League - Source:…
Kevin MacLeod website:
Kevin MacLeod Patreon:

Most of the timelapse was filmed with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) using the app Lapse It Pro.

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The “best nine” from my Instagram (top) VS my own 8 favorite projects (bottom) that I completed during 2017.

The white unicorn artdoll is made by my very talented awesome friend Escaron !

I feel like this year passed by insanely fast, but at the same time, that boar mask, didn’t I make that aaaages ago? :0
My year has been very tired, stressy and exhausting.
I look forward to a hopefully less stress-exhausting and more energetic and exciting 2018.
I’ve been doing a little tiny bit of exploring into the world of ceramics this past year, and I really want to explore it further this year.
How was your 2017 and what do you look forward to in this new year? 

A little video of the Yule Goat / Julbocken visiting the yule market!
It was great fun, Julbocken got both hugs and scared and curious and excited looks from kids (and adults xD) so many wanted to take a photo with him, and he got both cuddles and barks from dogs. ^^

My friend Magnus Marklund wore the costume. Thank you Magnuuus!
Check out his art at Instagram!…

More pics and stuff:

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