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The Ghost Wolf

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I am slowly getting back into the work pace (although trying not to go all crazy and work 24/7 ;P). Have been spending the last week doing lots of book keeping, updating the policies at my Etsy shop, cleaning my workspace (that was actually looking like total chaos after a few weeks of christmas market crazy preparations and then about 6 weeks of neglect and stuff-dumping). Been building a photography setup, a lightbox and stuff like that.

Buut before I show you that I want to show you this ghost wolf that I made before christmas.
This was a commission from a great client with an awesome idea! He wanted me to make a wolf character from a book that his girlfriend is writing, as a christmas gift for her.

I made this ghost wolf to work as a bookend/book support thingy. It also represents her book, with actual text from her real book from a chapter about the wolves, and a wolf coming out of her book.
It is made with some clay on a wire and tin foil structure, covered with two kinds of fabrics, a modified book, glues, acrylic paints etc.
This was a very unique and totally awesome idea that was so much fun to make!

I hope you enjoy it :)

Don't miss these detailed shots of the wolf:
The Ghost Wolf - Details by Nymla
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What a great idea! And one that would work in my own book. :P Very cool!
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amazing work  <3
Nymla's avatar
Thaankkk yoooou <3
Duuuuuuude that is beautiful, I've been trying to write something about a ghost wolf but not like Sherlock Holmes the hound of Baskervilles more like a teenage dude almost like "The Witcher" but kinda like a kind bounty hunter that seen the ugly side of humanity. 
Nymla's avatar
Thaaanks :) haha wow that sounds interesting! ^^
screamingfrosty's avatar
Looks like the scrunts from the movie "lady in the water" . :I
Nymla's avatar
You're right, didn't notice it until now!! xD
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Such a cool sculpture- I love the detail of its fur, and how it's got a "book end statue" look to it.
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Thanks so much! ^^
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Oooh this is amazing! I really love how it looks like its coming out the book! :D
Nymla's avatar
Yay! Thank you :D
Nymla's avatar
Maaybe..? :) No not Gmork, but I can see the Gmork in him!
XxZanpakutoXx's avatar
Mad creepy and COOL!
Nymla's avatar
Thaanks ^^ Creepy cool is the best :P
XxZanpakutoXx's avatar
It totally is!
That thing is awesome
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MummeryComics's avatar
WOW! Totally spooky and awesome. the design is just amazing :)
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Oh thank you so much! :)
MummeryComics's avatar
we ll watch u! u got outstandig art online!
Nymla's avatar
Thaank you for the watch and the compliment! :)
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