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Steampunk Adventurer Costume #3


This is what I've been working on the last ten weeks in school! It was my final project at university where I study prop making.
I chose to make a steampunk character and make the clothing, an octopus headpiece, a brass tank and a gun.

Part of why I wanted to make it was because of the steampunk festival that will be held in Gävle, Sweden in the summer 2014.

The character is an adventurer in a world alot like ours but with 19th century technology and supernatural elements. The octopus lives on her head, she found it hurt while out on one of her adventures and she helped the octopus to survive, since then they've been friends. The brass tank is connected to the octopus via tubes and in it there's a weird green aether substance that keeps the octopus alive and well.

The jumpsuit I have sewn from scratch, the octopus is made from mainly latex and leather, the brass tank is made from mainly air-x, pvc-tubes and MDF, the gun is made from mainly MDF and glass tubes.

The photos were shot at an old power station that was built 1908 and is now a museum. An awesome setting with lots of big old steampunky machines and stuff! Located in a small village called Finnfors outside Skellefteå in Sweden.

Behind the camera was my talented friend Evelina Wallin.

Thanks for looking! ^^

If you want to read more about this project and see progress shots etc, visit my website journal:

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I totally love it!
Decadia's avatar
Real life Splatoon! Jk Great props and clothing! :D
Nymla's avatar
Hehe yep! xD thank you!
Steambigbear's avatar
I would have to much fun there.
Nymla's avatar
Myes, it was awesome :)
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Individen's avatar
Riktigt imponerande! Hatten ser lite ut som en bläckfisk :)
Nymla's avatar
Tackar! Det är nog för att det faktiskt ska föreställa en bläckfisk ;D Meow :3 
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That is a cool outfit.
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ThierryCravatte's avatar
Stunning ! You really did a fantastic job and the result is excellent ! Really beautiful !
Nymla's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^
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I love this costume! it's very complete and full of little details which makes it very realistic.

I love when a costume tells a story like yours does. It is also a very unusual piece, especially the octupus headpiece. Never seen anything like it before.

Nymla's avatar
Thaaaank you, glad you like it :D
Nils-Iver's avatar
Very original.
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I hope you get a good grade because your project is well designed and creative .
Nymla's avatar
Thank you :w00t:
There's actually no grades given, but I think I passed xD
JARM13's avatar
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Amazing creativity!
You see me standing in aw! :O

Chapeau madmoiselle!
Nymla's avatar
Thanks alot! :giggle:
Arsenal-Best's avatar
You're very welcome. :)

I really do admire your ideas.
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