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Friir the Nordic Forest Troll by Nymla Friir the Nordic Forest Troll by Nymla
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Two little trolls in spring/easter colors have been added to my Etsy shop ( today! ^^
I am pretending there’s no snow outside. :P

Nordic Forest Trolls:

These small troll creatures (their bodies about the size of a big apple) live deep in the forest under the moss and tree roots where they dig and build their lairs. Their burrows can be quite deep with large “rooms” to fit several trolls, sleeping together. In the winter the forest trolls go into hibernation and wake up again in the spring.

Us humans hardly ever see these creatures, although they can seem a bit clumsy they can be very sneaky, especially since they can go completely invisible for short periods.
But legends and myths do mention these creatures. A common saying used by people in Norden, where these trolls live (mostly in northern Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), is that “the small ones have been here” when a blueberry area suddenly has been cleaned out.
The trolls love blueberries and that is almost all they eat. They also eat other berries, but only if they have to.

The Nordic Forest Trolls have big round noses with spots on their heads, and a small mouth. They bounce/hop/skip through the forest with their round little bodies and use their tail to climb and grab things.
They usually have no feet and hands but they can use magic to plop out little hands if they need, but they usually just use their tails.

Forest Trolls do not have a lot of other magical skills, their minds are mostly focused on blueberries. But one other great skill is that they can smell the berries from a very long distance and they can eat more berries than what seems physically possible for their small bodies.
If a troll loses its tail it can no longer use magic and it becomes very depressed. Although it can grow back again in a couple of years.
The trolls can live for hundreds of years.
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