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Forest Spirit Boar [for sale]

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Yayyyy this mask is now finished.

Forest Spirit Boar with two snail tenants and the glowing mushroom family. :]

This mask is for sale on Etsy!
Tutorial on how to make glowing mushrooms can be found HERE!

Mask Info:
This is a hand made one-of-a-kind mask made of my own ecological paper  clay (a kind of papier maché that I make from mainly re-used paper).
Also has mushrooms that glow (with LED lights) and two little snails!
Will look great hung on the wall as a piece of art or used as part of a costume for Halloween or LARP:ing for example.

The  mask has been sculpted by me, then molded and "cast" in my paper clay,  which is hard and a little flexible and very durable, as are the tusks  which are cast in resin (plastic).
The other details, such as the  mushrooms, branches with leaves, and the two snails are made of durable  materials but because of the shape and size they are ofcourse more  fragile and should be handled with care!

On the inside of the  mask there is an on and off switch for the glowing mushrooms which are  powered with 3 AA batteries (included).

The eye-holes are covered  with a thin black see-through fabric on the inside of the mask which  makes it possible to see out through the mask but the eyes will look  black/dark from the outside.
The mask is comfortably worn with sturdy  adjustable straps in the back. Four pieces of foam with adhesive on one  side is included, which you can use inside the mask if needed and cut  to fit your own face.

I would not recommend you use this mask in  the rain or similar, it is made of a paper material and if it gets too  wet it could risk absorbing water and be distorted. 
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toeki's avatar
i especially like the little snail on its nose
cassiemunson-art's avatar
:O HOLY WOW! this is amazing stuff
Nymla's avatar
Thank you soo much!
cassiemunson-art's avatar
Bueshang's avatar
This is drool worthy :D
JTCopper's avatar
Again, another beautiful piece. Can you see through that mask?
Nymla's avatar
Thank you <3
Yes you can see out through the meshcovered holes under the boars eyes :)
JTCopper's avatar
You can't even notice. Again, amazing quality.
Nymla's avatar
Cool, I'm happy you think so because I see them so clearly since I know they're there xD Thank you!
MilieLitre's avatar
Simply amazing!
Nymla's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
CadaverCrafts's avatar
This looks incredible, especially the light up mushrooms! I didnt notice the snails at first but now that i see them im in love :heart: The mushrooms are made with papermaché too?
Nymla's avatar
Thank you so muuuch! Yees the snails are a little hard to see, but easier to see it IRL! :) One of the snails are on the snout and the other one to the upper right, can't really see it in this photo :/ But I will be posting more photos soon.

The mushrooms are not made with papier mache, they are made with a transparent polymer clay and hade LEDs inside :)
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Oooh ok, i was confused that papermaché would let out light so well :giggle: this makes more sense. Wonderfully done! I actually like that the snails are a bit more subtle because that's more natural.
Nymla's avatar
It would be cool if it did :D
Yees, I would love to make even more details and insects and things, so that when looking at the mask you just keep discovering more little details, you know.. Buut that is so time consuming :/
Thank yooou. :)
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