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Happy 15th anniversary Teen Titans
I wanted to draw an tribute to one of my favourite superheroes TV shows Teen titans (2003-2006)

It's been 15 years now since one of the best superheroes cartoon shows teen titans was first aired on cartoon network!! Wow!!
(July 19)
Feel so old now LOL! XD
I was 5 years old when teen titans came out,
I first see it when I was 9 years old watching on TV. And remember those cool CN bumpers while watching the ads.

When I got older I watch all episodes online and watch again and on and on.
This show learn and taught me a lot of lessons base on real life situations.
Like example dealing with hard struggles and choices, racism and negatively and dealing with mutual friendships and believed yourself.

This show can relate to anybody and it's interesting that it does. And it's very good fecking show and stories in each episode is so interesting to watch. I still re-watch this show.

I really really miss this show so much! :(
I bet I'm not alone on that opinion right?

I'm really hope and believe still that season 6 will be finally save and the original teen titans will be back!

I really wish to say big awesome thank u to the people and voice actors who bought this show and charactes to life on screens!! :)

Happy 15th anniversary Teen Titans!!
( July 19 )
:heart: :heart: :heart:
Spidypool pt 2
Love this ship :heart: XD

Meanwhile spiderman and Deadpool are on mission together In new York city.

*Deadpool spots​ an nice view in front of him and has idea to keep it longer*


Peter: are you taking pictures of my ass again!


Wade: oh baby boy Your looking fine! *FLASH* damn that ass is beautiful at this view! *FLASH* Pose for the camera little longer for me baby!! *FLASH*



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

  1. What is your full Name? - Emma Mary Walsh. 
    • How old are you? - 20 years old.
      • When your Birthday?  - 26 February 1998. 
        • What is your Zodiac Sign?    - Pisces.
          • What is your favourite colour?   - White, red, grey, blue,
            • What your Lucky Number?   - Don't really have one.
              • Do you have pets?    - I do have my companions (Dogs) Lilly & Fluffy, Lucy & Horses (Penny & Quicksilver) other animals cows, chickens, my grandfather has an barn, I love & look after the animals.
                • Where are you from?  - Ireland.
                • How Tall are you?    - 5 feet 4 inches
                • What's your shoe size?   - Size-5
                • How many pairs of shoes you own?  - 17 pairs
                • What was your last dream about?   - most my dreams are about reality or events I went through, last night I dream I was in recovery of experiencing mental illness health until building & I was in straitjacket look panic & shock, didn't have no idea what was going on. weird my Brother was Key worker therapy worker to me & the other clients, he told me he knew what I was going through & felt sorry. I have support & don't lose hope. 
                • What Talents do you have?  -I natural artist & play Guitar & sing
                • Are you psychic in anyway   -I guess I do, it's little details of visions I dream, they do come true sometimes & it's scary
                • What your favourite song?   -The house of The Rising Sun by The Animals (1964)
                • What your favourite Movie?  -Back to The Future or The Goonies XD
                • Who would be your Ideal Partner?   -Taller than me, I don't care what his body physical appearance or colour of his hair or skin I respect his looks & ways & he prefect way he is. (if he out there). he has good sense humour & he caring, trustful, loyal, strong & Self Awareness, friendly, understanding. he was same interests as me etc. movies, comics, Sport, Art, Anime & Music.  
                • Do you want Children?   -No really don't.
                • Do you want Church Wedding?   -no thanks.
                • Are you Religious?   -My Parents Baptism me, I am Catholic but when I was younger I was but grown out of it, not follower or religious anymore.  
                • Have you ever been in the Hospital?  - Yes a lot of times.
                • Have you ever been in trouble with the Law?   -No.  
                • Have you ever met any celebrities?   -The Ireland national rugby union team Players.
                • Baths or showers?   -Showers.
                • What color socks are you wearing?    -blue & white socks.
                • Have you ever been famous?        -No, don't want to.
                • Would you like to be a big celebrity?   - Hell No.
                • What type of music do you like?        - I like Rock Pop, Grunge, Metal, Remix, Rap, Rock, mostly all types.
                •  Have you ever been skinny dipping?   - yes.
                •  How many pillows do you sleep with?   - 1 or No Pillow sometimes.
                •  What position do you usually sleep in?  - Sleep on the left or right side.
                •  How big is your house?  - It big Bungalow but its Home sweet Home :)
                •  What do you typically have for breakfast?   - Cereal or Oatmeal Porridge. 
                •  Have you ever fired a gun?    - Does Painballing Count XD
                •  Have you ever tried archery?  -No.
                •  Favourite clean word?   - I'm Very Sorry (I Apologize a lot)
                •  Favourite Swear word?  - for Fuck Sake, Shit, Fuck, Bitch, Wanker, Twat  ( I have potty Mouth In person)
                •  What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?  -58 Hours. 2 Days.
                •  Do you have any scars?  - I have on my Arms, Hands, stomach, left of my Ankle & Nose, Tips of my Fingers.  
                •  Have you ever had a secret admirer?  - yes.
                •  Are you a good liar?    - No, I never was. I Can't lied, it makes me felt panicky & sacred to do it. 
                •  Are you a good judge of character?   -yes I am, in person
                •  Can you do any other accents other than your own?  -  sometimes, just for fun.
                •  Do you have a strong accent? - yes my Natural Accent is very American English. (no body thinks I live in Ireland) XD
                •  What is your favorite accent? - I Not really good at Accents.
                •  What is your most expensive piece of clothing?   -Equestrian Clothing & Helmet, Boots. & Body Glove Wetsuit. (love my sports) 
                •  Can you curl your tongue?  - yes.
                •  Are you an innie or an outie?  - Innie.
                •  Left or right handed?   - right-Handed.
                •  Are you scared of spiders?     -No, I love Spiders.
                •  Favourite food?      -Spaghetti & Meatballs.
                •  Favourite foreign food?   -I guess Mash Potato & Beef Gravy.  
                •  Are you a clean or messy person?  -I'm very Clean Person. I try not to over do it.
                •  Most used phrase?   -"What's the Fucking Point"
                •  Most used word?    - "Sorry"
                •  How long does it take for you to get ready?  - 10 mins.
                •  Do you have much of an ego?  -No.
                •  Do you suck or bite lollipops?   -Both.
                •  Do you talk to yourself?  -all the time mostly.
                •  Do you sing to yourself?  -yes.
                •  Are you a good singer?   - My Family & Friends comment & told me I am. so yeah.
                •  Biggest Fear?   -I'm Afraid of losing myself to mental illness When takes control & I Wont be. Bowel Cancer & abandonment.
                •  Are you a gossip?  -no, not really an Talker,
                •  Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?   - Marley & Me
                •  Do you like long or short hair?   - Short Hair or long, medium hair.  
                •  Can you name all 50 states of America?  - Very little, sorry.
                •  Favourite school subject?   -Art, Science, History.
                •  Extrovert or Introvert?     -Introvert.
                •  Have you ever been scuba diving?   -No.
                •  What makes you nervous?   -sometimes Men, unwanted Attention, Invasion My Personal Space.
                •  Are you scared of the dark?  -No.
                •  Do you correct people when they make mistakes?   -Yeah, I have to be honest with them or don't say anything because am not in the mood for it.
                • Are you ticklish?  -Around the Neck.
                • Have you ever started a rumour?   -No.
                • Have you ever been in a position of authority?  -No, but Age is only an Number.
                • Have you ever drank underage?  -No.
                • Have you ever done drugs?   - No.
                • Who was your first real crush?  - Norman Mark Reedus.
                • How many piercings do you have?  -None.
                • Can you roll your Rs?  - Yea.
                • How fast can you type?  -slow or average speed I guess.
                • How fast can you run?  - Run if I needing to run.
                • What color is your hair?  - Brown.
                • What color is your eyes?  -light blue along with dark blue Cornea ring.  
                • What are you allergic to?  -Nothing.
                • Do you keep a journal?   -Yes.
                • What do your parents do?  -My Mum Does Two Jobs works in Subway & Cleaner. My Dad is an bartender.
                • Do you like your age?    - I mean It's age like? you get old but I still young for now XD.
                • What makes you angry?   -My friends or Family get hurt & rude, racism, Homophobe People. 
                • Do you like your own name?   -I guess, don't think it as much.
                • Have you already thought of baby names,   -No not really.
                • Do you want a boy a girl for a child?   - I don't care. It really depends on the male sperm what it give me, but I not Ready for Motherhood. No thanks.
                • What are you strengths?  -I'm quite good at Observing & Noticed things & I'm really patience. 
                • What are your weaknesses?   - I guess people, I'm always very friendly & soft, I Have to help or care for them needs.
                • How did you get your name?   -Really back to this again XD not sure.  
                • Were your ancestors royalty?  - Hell no.
                • What your Sexual orientation?  - I was & still am Asexual for long time but I'm looking for an partner but I not so sure of myself yet or ready for Romantic Relationship yet, it's an Urge really but avoid it.
                • Colour of your bedspread?  - different Bright colours.
                • What is the color of your room? - It cream & Ivory White.


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