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Ghost City by nylvatheel Ghost City by nylvatheel
Hi everyone, meet Seth (hi, Seth!) whose sword is bigger than any sword Ichigo will ever own :3 srsly this is unreal. Fits in 'fantasy' better than expected.

Pencils and inking pens for lineart, colours in SAI, lovely stone texture for those who cannot paint it® in Photoshop.
*going fangirly on SAI* :heart:

It's 5 am how did it happen, last time I checked it was 3 :e
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lastdove Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2008
This looks great~! I like how you blended the traditional with the digital rather seamlessly. *3*! So magicaall.
nylvatheel Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
I think, the secret is in everything being so small XD makes mistakes harder to notice lol~
<3 thank you very much!
koyamori Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008   Traditional Artist
You're just as good at digital art as you are at traditional:) *drools for the 100th time today*
The textures look fabulous:3 So does his...back areasXD
nylvatheel Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
You know, I haven't even once drawn his face, every picture is from the back, or with hair falling over his eyes or something. My subconsciousness might be telling me something!
I dunno about traditional vs. digital, but it feels sorta comfortable working in digital. Yesterday I was inking and haha caught myself doing the ctrl+z motion orz so sad!
See, when you spam me, I only spam you more :mwahaha:
YKano Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
whooaaa I really like this one :'3 And that sword beats Ichigo's. Great composition as always.
nylvatheel Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
<333 thank youu~~ Haha you know, I keep wondering if these spiritual swords are weightless cause they're like SO HUGE how does he even hold it without falling? xD;;
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March 19, 2008
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