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121 : Mounting
By Nylak-Stock   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: April 28, 2008
Liver chestnut quarter horse stallion breeding a palomino quarter horse mare. "Leo" and "Buffy."

Rated Mature so I don't get in trouble. I don't know dA's policy on animal sexuality...haha.



1. Free only for use for photomanipulations and as references for drawings, paintings, etc, both digital and traditional.
2. Do not claim as your own.
3. Credit me and link back to me here, or to my main account (*Nylak).
4. You can use them off of deviantART, just remember to link back!
5. Do not use them for commercial purposes before asking my permission.
6. Please give me a link to your work; I'd like to see it!
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1/500 second
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Date Taken
Apr 29, 2008, 1:39:13 AM
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AJRyan22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did she ever have a foal of Leo's?
ColdHooves's avatar
ColdHoovesHobbyist Digital Artist
Daaa'aw what cuties! I saw what that little fucker said below, I dont beileve one word of it, sex {mounting} is a way of life, its what we humans and animals do.

Anyway, I am using it right now! Would you like too see it when its done?
DeLaMuerte-Stables's avatar
DeLaMuerte-StablesHobbyist Digital Artist
I've seen some realy really REALLY immature people commenting here. Maybe they should try to read first before clicking one something. The mature content is there for a reason after all. ^^

It's a really great picture. I love Leos back~ :love: Looks so strong and soft somehow. XD
I may use this, tho I might be a little too embarrassed to draw it... oO
barrelracer36's avatar
barrelracer36 Digital Artist
Wow... i just read all the comments about this picture and when reading what ~blackdeathrose2 was saying..... i laughed!! I agree with all the others that this is just nature doing what nature does. Horses (and all other animals) do not care who sees. To them, its just instinct lol

Great pics! I just bought a miniature horse mare and shes due anywhere from May-July!! ^_^ I cant wait to see the baby!
rachellafranchistock's avatar
great capture :)
im looking for features for my journal at the moment and id love to feature it but i don't want harrasing comments :/

but great photo!
i may change my mind at one point! :)
TheYawningHorse's avatar
TheYawningHorse Photographer
Faving this, even though it will likely be removed from the galleries because they have a problem with animals being animals doing animal stuff =D
deviousdarkheart's avatar
Great shot dear! We have no stallies at our barn. (jumper barn) So we never have any foals. People are so stupid about these kinds of things. If it bothers them, they should get lost.
Crash455's avatar
Hey I take photos of our horses all the time? But we do it for paper work porpuses and use the dates on the photos to make sure we have everything correct. Helps get the due date guessing a little easier XD

BTW great pose love this angle and this is art... it is something you would see in national geographic as well as on Animal Planet.
Wild-Hearts's avatar
Wild-HeartsStudent General Artist
lovely shot ;) i love the angle.
wow, blackdeathrose2 is pathetic...
freeburgfreak's avatar
LOL, wow. People really are retarded about this.
Great photo though, got guts to post it, anyway because I see you got comments that you probably expected. XD!
Nylak-Stock's avatar
Haha, I know it. Honestly, I think the people who gripe about it are just plain entertaining. XD
RaptorArts's avatar
RaptorArtsProfessional Artisan Crafter
One of my favorite poses :D
I'm celibate btw. lol

Seriously though.. Nice photo. Well done.
blackdeathrose2's avatar
that is so wrong! You pervert! go Fuck yourself!
disinchanted's avatar
disinchantedStudent Digital Artist
oh, how i love nooblets.
Nylak-Stock's avatar
Wow, are you serious? XD This has a mature rating and is posted on a livestock stock photography account, and I even had a journal covering the fact that I would be posting images of this nature, so you were given ample warning. If you have no interest in livestock behavior in its most natural state, just direct yourself elsewhere and leave me alone, okay? ;D
blackdeathrose2's avatar
Oh how about we post pictures of HUMANS haveing sex, Their animals so why not?!?!? BECAUSE IT IS RUDE AND WRONG, you are a fucking perv, this is no art! Your stock sucks! And it is not posted as mature, because it is not blocked it is still visable to even children, so go kill yourself you sick son of a bitch!
cas887's avatar
cas887Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bahahaha loser :lmao: :rofl:
blutastic's avatar
blutasticHobbyist Digital Artist
You sound like a four year old with a bad mouth.
ArtWithAPulse's avatar
Someone has never gotten laid =D
blackdeathrose2's avatar
you? Oh sorry, you most-likely got raped by a horse or fucked one on your own will, So I assume thats the first time you got laid you little bitch ;)
Paint-Kiwi's avatar
Paint-KiwiHobbyist Traditional Artist
WTF? Have you looked outside lately? All animals do it! It's part of life! If this didn't happen the whole food chain would be knocked off, along with the chain of life!

If you think this is so disgusting look at this world? Women paid for sex, People raped! Life is cruel and I'm sorry but the human race is more disgusting than Animal life, They do it to begin new life! Why did you even look at it if you hate this?
HorsePop's avatar
When you get over being 2 years old you'll understand. :no: It's nature. What do you think...they SHOULDN'T breed and they should all die and then NO MORE HORSES? (Or other animals for that matter) I sure as hell don't. I think it's wonderful, this is the process of new life! (This IS how babies are made by the way. ;)) You probably still think they come from the stork in the sky or the cabbage patch. :no:

When you do it you won't think it's so disgusting, so just get over yourself and leave people to their own business and we'll leave you to yours. :/

You dissapoint me and all of humanity. :/
ArtWithAPulse's avatar
Your vocabulary astounds me.
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