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21o118 (... never give Firewater to a Phoenix)

And another one.

I wonder if I'll run out of a palettes any time soon. I hope not. Then again, I know I'll be running out of models whose face interests me enough to paint them. So eventually, there will be a repeat. Likely in colour choices, too.

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I absolutely love your colour choices here! So vibrant! 
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You are welcome! :)
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I could see this on my wall lol Love the portrait with the abstract. So powerful and vibrant with the red and blue! And the intense stare, gorgeous.
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You can actually buy this as a print here:… :aww:

And thank you!
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i love the color color palette that you used. Carmine red and cyan are perfect combination! Stylish!
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Gorgeous! I love the colours, really interesting choice but it works so well. Great face too :)
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. :thanks:
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I wish someday I could be as good as you Heart Heart Heart 
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You can be... it'll take practice, like everything else does, but there's nothing stopping you. ^^
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Thank you! and I will! Heart Hug 
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Nice colour choice
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Haha, nice wordplay! I love it - and the art, of course! XD
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