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some fake mega pokemon
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Published: August 10, 2018
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I did some fake mega pokemon with my friend Eiddiw ,hope you like it

Mega Arbok
Type: Poison Ghost 

Type: Ground Fighting

Mega Floatzel
Type: Water Fighting

Mega Mightyena
Type: Dark

Mega Linoone
Type: Normal Flying

Mega Delcatty
Type: Normal Fairy
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goat-nerdHobbyist Digital Artist
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I love mega Delcatty and Lionoone!
AimeePenguins's avatar
FrozenFeather's avatar
FrozenFeatherHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow very cool, I really like all of them, but especially linoone and delcatty's!
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SoleviatisHobbyist Digital Artist
Now this right here is, why I wish the guys at Gamefreak would consider fan designs as inspiration for new Mega Evolutions. The types, the designs, all of these right here are just crazy good. The base Pokémon are all instantly recognizable, yet they look a lot stronger without going too far and being more of a full on evolution. That's how to do Mega Evolution just right. Not to mention the shinies. While shiny Mega Linoone already is a big fav right there, that shiny Mega Sandslash is godly. The red spikes, the black armor pad things and then there's the two big grey spikes. This thing looks like one massive amount of hurt and I love that.
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LednautHobbyist Digital Artist
Not a fan of megas but wow... really like linoone and arbok and delcatty!
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puka23Professional General Artist
pretty cool designs! I love that mega sandslash!
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Hu-FakerHobbyist Digital Artist
THAT MEGA ARBOK La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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damn it people at Pokemon hire this artist right now. 
MintimusMaximus's avatar
Agreed. These mega evolutions must become real.
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ErPorygattoHobbyist Digital Artist
Arboc is wonderful, and each of them is beautiful. MegaDelcatty really looks like SailorMoon (?)
olm8maws's avatar
The Sandslash, Arbok and Linoone are god tier 😍😍😍
KptnBdGy's avatar
sandslash! so good!
Wowan14's avatar
Funniest thing about fanmade or fake pokemon is that they look mostly 10-100 times better then original designs since 4gen...
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shadeon13Hobbyist General Artist
I like how you can immediately tell what the base Pokémon is—the designs are nice and clear! Some of the designs you can find on the internet are so convoluted that you can’t quite tell unless you stare hard...
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Mega Linoon is awesome!
I would die for a Mega Furret though ;)
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son impresionante estan perfectas mis favorito son arbok, mightyena, sandslash en las dos versiones
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tristallyngirlHobbyist Digital Artist
oh my gosh these look amazing
and i wish they were official and IN THE GAMES because man i need that shiny mega linoone  in my life
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CombotheBeehenHobbyist General Artist
The one of Delcatty is soo adorable, ahhhhhh

Fanart? <3
AuraDragon448's avatar
These are awesome! These Pokémon definitely deserve Megas or something to make them more usable. That buff in speed they gave Delcatty in Sun and Moon just isn't gonna cut it
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anasmilkbarHobbyist Digital Artist
these are DOPE
Zero-and-friends's avatar
Zero-and-friendsHobbyist Digital Artist
These mega evolutions look so AWSOME~
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