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mega bugs
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Published: August 17, 2018
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MEGA Butterfree
Type: Bug Psychic

MEGA Ledian
Type: Bug Fighting

MEGA Masquerain
Type: Bug Water

MEGA Kricketune
Type: Bug
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Comments (51)
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Ledian looks so badass, I want one!
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I love mega butterfree!
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FeatherQuilt88|Hobbyist General Artist
Your Megas are just the best! I can't pick a favorite! :)
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FrozenFeather|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
these are all wonderful, I especially love masquerain's design!
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Serrivel|Student Digital Artist
wooooo this mega Masquerain is wonderful!!!! 
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Love these concepts. Would totally have Masc and Butter in my team!
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Xhodocto385's avatar
the masquerain mega is the best.
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Hu-Faker|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love your megas Love 
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Alternate Title: Mecha Bugs
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puka23|Professional General Artist
they're all so cool!
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InkSansJay|Student Artist
This is breathtaking!^^

Amazing work:)
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asoukathewolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are so pretty!! I especially like Mega Butterfree and Masquerain!
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SophieChieko|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I also think those two are the most beautiful! :heart:
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chacrawarrior's avatar
chacrawarrior|Hobbyist General Artist
Are those australian bugs?
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KosukieEdited |Student Filmographer
I want that Butterfree! <3
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Soleviatis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, those are all amazing. The extra effort you put in with the shinies really is outstanding. The things I would do for that Mega Ledian and Mega Masquerain though. Such cool movesets they could have and Butterfree becoming Bug/Psychic would really make it stand out. Also dee-lee-lee-lee-whoop intensifies. If I had to guess what Magical Wing does, it would give priority to Psychic-type moves, while Bug Symphony could be like Primarina's Liquid Voice, where sound-based moves would change type, in this case Bug-type. Now if only we could have all these in the games. Take notes Gamefreak, take notes.
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I WANT THIS Chiyo Fangirling Icon Fangirl Dance Gou Matsuoka (Triceps Fangirling) [Free] 
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AuroraMisa|Hobbyist Writer
They look awesome!
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RENEWAL-ART|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That´s really good work!
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Crobatboy123|Student General Artist
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Gik17|Hobbyist Digital Artist
They're amazing!!! Congratulations on your work... And at the same time I kinda hate you because now I want them to be in the game haha
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kaylabuglovesgenesis|Hobbyist General Artist
how cool do know if the real ones or fake ones?
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Stabbler447|Hobbyist Digital Artist
They are obviously fake
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