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Starter Pokemon Regional Variant 2
By Nyjee   |   Watch
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Published: July 6, 2017
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some different forms for starters
evo from  link

Ivysaur Type:Fire Rock
Charmeleon  Type:Water Dragon
Wartortle  Type:Grass Steel

Bayleef  Type:Flying
Quilava  Type:Rock
Croconaw  Type:Fighting

Grovyle  Type:Ice Dragon
Combusken  Type:Flying Electric
Marshtomp Type:Fighting Ghost

Grotle Type: Dark Ghost
Monferno Type: Psychic Poison
Prinplup Type:Fighting Ice

Servine Type:Ice Poison
Pignite Type:Ground
Dewott Type:Steel Fighting

Quilladin Type:Steel
Braixen Type:Fairy
Frogadier Type:Fighting

Dartrix Type:Ice Ghost
Torracat Type:Ground Dark
Brionne Type:Rock Fairy
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KAPP27's avatar
KAPP27New Deviant
I forgot quilava
KAPP27's avatar
KAPP27New Deviant
Combusken, grotle, torracat and dewott are clearly the bests here.
lemmonz's avatar
So, Quilladin looks like a mini-me of Wikstrom.  Was this on purpose or just sheer coincidence?
Xeliamon's avatar
XeliamonNew Deviant
Aidenwahistudos's avatar
AidenwahistudosHobbyist Traditional Artist
braixen is adorable
GMQUilmataalpha's avatar
GMQUilmataalphaHobbyist Writer
are you ever gonna finish the rest?
TheLovelySong's avatar
TheLovelySongHobbyist General Artist
I love so much the Braixen Lillie with Heart Eyes Emoticon 
MidnightBlaze16's avatar
OK I really like Torracat 
TheHollowBoy's avatar
TheHollowBoyHobbyist General Artist
Aaah, I really hope we see the final stages for these starter variations of yours! Such a genius idea to use different typings that are weaker/stronger other than grass < fire < water.
JustinC1234's avatar
JustinC1234Hobbyist General Artist
These are what I think their Abilities (and by extension, their pre-evolutions) can be:

Ivysaur: Blaze (Hidden: Magma Armor)
Charmeleon: Torrent (Hidden: Water Veil)
Wartortle: Overgrow (Hidden: Filter)

Bayleef: Aerilate (Hidden: Super Luck)
Quilava: Sand Force (Hidden: Sand Rush)
Croconaw: Iron Fist (Hidden: Sheer Force)

Grovyle: Slush Rush (Hidden: Adaptability)
Combusken: Volt Absorb (Hidden: Speed Boost)
Marshtomp: Infiltrator (Hidden: Mold Breaker)

Grotle: Insomnia (Hidden: Cursed Body)
Monferno: Own Tempo (Hidden: Rattled)
Prinplup: Scrappy (Hidden: Glaciate)

Servine: Poison Touch (Hidden: Merciless)
Pignite: Sturdy (Hidden: Anger Point)
Dewott: Hyper Cutter (Hidden: Battle Armor)

Quilladin: Clear Body (Hidden: Iron Barbs)
Braixen: Forewarn (Hidden: Magician)
Frogadier: Inner Focus (Hidden: Competitive)

Dartrix: Snow Cloak (Hidden: Long Reach)
Torracat: Defiant (Hidden: Intimidate)
Brionne: Solid Rock (Hidden: Pixilate)
MvladMarnold's avatar
Will these have evolutions?
Zeus246810's avatar
I can’t wait to see the third evolution!!!!
RippleOver's avatar
PLEASE finish the third evolution
MishylovesShadow's avatar
Can't wait to see the final evolution!
Froodals's avatar
FroodalsHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconiheartitplz: these are so beautifully done :heart: 
Night-Owl8's avatar
Cool designs! My favourites are Wartortle, Ivysaur, Combusken, Prinplup and Grotle.
honored-cur's avatar
honored-curHobbyist General Artist
Eager to see their evolution
Linkmaster333's avatar
don't like torracat with that type he's fine as a fire type
EveeLover's avatar
I LOVE THIS! so unique and interesting
hayley566's avatar
I love how braixen gives off a magical girl vibe as a fairy type
SunshineTeach18's avatar
when is the final evolution page going to come out? i've been waiting. these are so wicked cool. can't wait!
Poot-the-Magikarp's avatar
Poot-the-MagikarpHobbyist General Artist
I wonder why no one can ever make Marshtomp not look like it is staring at something
Jrose1234's avatar
Jrose1234Student Digital Artist
I Love Your Variation of The Evolved Regional Pokemon Starters.
Jrose1234's avatar
Jrose1234Student Digital Artist
Also, Should Braixen Be A Fire/Magician Pokemon? Because Braixen is Not a Fairy Type, Sylveon Is. I Love Fire, Magician and Fairy Type Pokemon, Though.
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