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Published: August 24, 2018
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Armed Lucario Future
Type: Psychic Steel

Armed Lucario Ancient
Type: Fighting Ghost

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AjanisApprenticeStudent Writer

This is incredible and I love it. Going into that Anubis theme with the Ancient form is amazing. Do you have any more Armed forms or plan on doing anymore?

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I wish these were real, I love them lots~~
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Frightening-FelineHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this inspired by the Orbital Frams from "Zone of the Enders" Jehuty and Anubis? because it look badass!!!
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HyperaguaProfessional Digital Artist
Both are incredible! I like the references to ancient Egypt and the modern futuristic Cyborgs. Great job!
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Bleeding4Hobbyist Artist
This is actually awesome.
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lucario being my favorite pokemon of all time, this does them justice so much, these fake megas are too darn cool
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Thanatos-ZeroHobbyist Digital Artist
A Solgaleo and a Lunala based Mega Evolution. Feels like a evolution out of Digimon.

Mega Lucario Future is archieved, when the Lucarionite holded by Lucario is exposed to Solgaleo's raw energies.
Likewise Mega Lucario Ancient is archieved, when the Lucarionite holded by Lucario is exposed to Lunala's raw energies.

How about a Ultra Necrozma based Mega Evolution, which can either have Fighting/Dragon and Dragon/Steel, due the Pokemon they have absorbed?
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AlfaArtzHobbyist Traditional Artist
These Are Better Than Original
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TheUnovaGuardianHobbyist Writer
They're perfect!
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DracoDragiteProfessional Traditional Artist
These look great! I wish they were really in the games.
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This is random but can i draw your cat/fish skeleton pokemon idea? i wanted to get permission, i know it's old lol
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x-xBraised-MeatProfessional General Artist
Very cool designs. I couldn't pick just one as a favorite.
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chacrawarriorHobbyist General Artist
friend. What are your playing?
Me: Kamen riders...I guess? or Yu-Gi-OH?
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HanimetionHobbyist Digital Artist
HeraldOfOpera's avatar
Obligatory reminder that the link between Lucario and Anubis is only slightly less tenuous than the link between the XYZ trio and Norse mythology (because I can at least believe that the former may have been intentional)
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LednautHobbyist Digital Artist
I think the XYZ trio is definitely intended to be based on Norse mythology, but I'd be interested to hear why you don't think so.
HeraldOfOpera's avatar
I'll just send you in the direction of Pokémaniac Chris:


TL;DR: any connection is so absurdly tenuous that even pareidolia isn't enough to explain how anyone could believe it
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LednautHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks, that was really interesting to read.
I still think there are too many coincidences to dismiss at least part inspiration. The main thing is that, ok, Xerneas and Yveltal could be based on general depictions of deers and vultures (and I think they are) but why is Zygarde a serpent, and a dog and... humanoid thing? I think Pokemon have always, especially with legendaries, had multiple inspirations and are sometimes quite abstract relative to any inspirations.

But I can agree that it's not a given for sure.
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if these were canon, I'd actually watch tha series
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ElazulmaxHobbyist Digital Artist
>joined today
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MegaRezfanHobbyist General Artist
thinking emoji smooshed 4 
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