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Another work done in oils on a smaller scale. This painting measures 8 1/2 x 11. Its represents how I feel at this time in my life.
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10/2500 second
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11 mm
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Jul 8, 2004, 5:33:43 PM
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this is awesome..very cool
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aww, this is such a wonderful work... i like the dead ladybug too, it's a very cool detal;)
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Touching piece indeed. I like it a lot. Really I do. Very nice work.
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Yuck I hate it!....... ha just kidding! Very alice-in-wonderland-ish. As someone else pointed out, you've surrounded the sad bunny with warm colors and I think that's exactly what makes it so cool. It adds a whole new level of contrast. Oh and I really like the dead ladybug. lol.
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oohhh... the final piece.... beautiful job indeed. the colors are amazing together.

*adds this to favs too*
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This is such a wonderful piece of art. I absolutely love it. It is so beautiful.
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The color scheme is just so warm and pretty-I like it. Nice strokes. The two things that confuse me are: if the colors around the rabbit are warm than why is he sad?(I mean, the colors make it a warm friendly atmosphere which contradicts to rabbit's emotions). Second, why is the rabbit sad?(I mean, I can't see the reason) But anyway, this is a very suimple yet touching piece.
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That's great, very emotive. *huggles the bunny* poor bunny
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love it. wonderful colours and great emontion.
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You've got a nice style going there. The colors are top notch, excellent shades and hues in the background. It's may not make much sense to say but it has a nice "visual weight" to it, I think it's all the nice clean lines.
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i also love it
nice style
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Such a touching piece, I really feel bad for the rabbit (or the artist). Beautiful and strong picture!
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