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The Anthro in Advertising contest for the anthro category here on dA hosted by lost-angle and Nyiana-sama!

The Plot line

Note: This is a fictional scenario, no such company exists, so please have fun with the following;

We've all seen Tony the Tiger and the Geiko Gecko. They're big players in the advertising world. They're also anthro. They're not alone in the advertising world, in fact, anthro characters are used all the time to get ideas across in advertising (like the Charmin bear family, because no one wants to see bare bottoms on TV, but bear bottoms are okay). Now's your chance to get your foot in the door of anthro advertising.

The CEO of Wullerdorf Corp was just browsing the internet searching for someone to create the advertising campaign for his new product, Widget. He happened on your deviantART webpage and fell in love with your art. He has just sent you the following message:

We at Wullerdorf Corp are finishing the development of our new product, Widget, and are about ready to put it on store shelves everywhere, but before we do that, we need some advertising for it. I've taken a look around and decided that you would make the best advertisements for us. Please create a print advertisement containing all the information that anyone would need to know what Widget is. Widget will cost $24.95 and will be available in stores everywhere. Widget will be on shelves on June 30th.

The Rules

:bulletblue:Entries must include one original anthro character
:bulletblue:Each entry must contain information including product cost, release date, and where to find it.
:bulletblue:Traditional and Digital media only
:bulletblue:Entries must be specifically made for contest, and submitted May 1st or later.
:bulletblue:No Mature Content

The Important Information

Start Date: May 1st, 2011
End Date: June 15th, 2011 at 11:59:59PM PST

All entries should be submitted under: Contests > 2011 > Anthro in Advertising to be qualified to win.

Contest is open to all deviants.

The Judges


The Prizes

There will be a grand prize, first, second, and third place for this contest. :)

Grand Prize:
:bulletpurple:One year premium membership
:bulletpurple:1,200 points

First place:
:bulletpurple: Six month premium membership
:bulletpurple:1,200 points

Second place:
:bulletpurple: Three month premium membership
:bulletpurple: 1,200 points

Third place:
:bulletpurple:One month premium membership
:bulletpurple:1,200 points

The most important thing about this contest is to have fun and enjoy yourselves, your characters, and the artworks that you are creating. :)

If anyone has any questions, please note Nyiana-sama or lost-angle
© 2011 - 2021 Nyiana-sama
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pickelfresh's avatar
I saw most of the entries, I don't like them. When anthros are in advertisement, they are usually just walking animals or walking animals with cloth. Usually shown with humans (tony the tiger with kids and geico geco with... random people) and isn't usually like straight out that they have to be anthro, it's just a mascot but the entries are like either sonic or something that has alot of muscles or big breasts, and are wolves. I rarely see anyone make an entry that is a cartoon animal that can walk, and they're not sonic :I
Heatheru's avatar
Yeah, my chameleon mascot/product is definitely a big breasted video game character.

Wait, what.
Allegro-Designs's avatar
I tried to avoid the big breasts and it wasn't a wolf! XD I liked a few of the entries, but some of them I think missed the point a bit, perhaps maybe including mine. XD
nekophoenix's avatar
I don't know what you mean.
The majority of entries were actually misplaced deviations, feck knows why people read anthro in advertising as "cars".

I think a lot of the entries were anthro as described. None of them looked like sonic the hedgehog (well, one WAS sonic the hedgehog, but that clearly wasn't answering the brief), and even if they did, he IS an anthropomorphic mascot.

I think the point of this brief was to point out that "hey, see all those cartoon animals that advertise big companies? They're anthro too!"
kf19's avatar
when will the winners be announced? :-?
Nyiana-sama's avatar
As soon as I hear back from all of the judges and put together the article. :) I'm hoping that it won't take too long.
thangada's avatar
isthere an age limit? :O
lost-angle's avatar
The restriction is the same as that for membership on dA, 13+
godknowsme's avatar
what's anthro?
CallMeRissa's avatar
Anthro, is short for Anthromorph. I am not sure of the origin of the term, but it is an animal with human qualities. Like a dog that has hands and feet instead of paws, and walks on his back legs. They would have a human like muscular and skeletal structure. Yet they would still be covered in fur, and have the dog like head. In most cased, they are able to speak a human language, and communicate with animals. In most case, a werewolf is an Anthromorph.
Armonah's avatar
Hello :)

Your contest got featured here: [link]

I'd also like to second ~sdl's criticism. It's unclear whether Widget is the product or the mascot (unless it's supposed to be both in which case it's totally clear, but kind of a weird position to take for a company =P)

But either way, I also have an idea brewing for a mascot and a product, and I might actually enter, too!
lost-angle's avatar
Thank you for featuring the contest!

Widget is the product, but that doesn't disclude the mascot from being the product. As long as all the information is in the entry and it includes both a widget and the mascot (even if they're the same) then the entry is valid!
sdl's avatar
And I'm replying only to praise your sig-line - one of the funniest, laugh out loud lines ever spoken on TV, let alone Scrubs. "People are bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling" = pure comedy genius.

Looking forward to seeing your entry!
Armonah's avatar
Absolutely. Scrubs has some of the best moments in comedy, if you ask me.

And thanks! After re-reading the contest description I think widget's actually the product and who the mascot is and what his or her name will be, is entirely up to us.
sdl's avatar
Something not clear here. Anthros like Tony the Tiger and the Geiko Gecko are characters who sell something other than what they are (e.g., Tony the Tiger sells Corn Flakes, not stuffed Tony the Tigers). I think a lot of people are under the impression that "Widget" is both the name of an anthro and the fictitious product to be sold.

Not to worry, though, I have just the anthro and the product. ;)
lost-angle's avatar
Widget is the product, but that doesn't disclude the mascot from being the product. As long as all the information is in the entry and it includes both a widget and the mascot (even if they're the same) then the entry is valid!
WhiskeyWolfMutt's avatar
You can count me in!
Danilofanzineiro's avatar
It´s very cool, i try!
dragongirl76's avatar
can we make more than 1 entry?
Nyiana-sama's avatar
Sure. :) But you can only win once though.
leodude74's avatar
freakin awesome
peersr12's avatar
can you use pencil by anychance :/
Nyiana-sama's avatar
peersr12's avatar
ok so can i do E4 on the beach :)
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