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With These Torn Wings by Nyiana-sama With These Torn Wings :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 11 0 18th BirthdAy by Nyiana-sama 18th BirthdAy :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 2 2 16th BirthdAy Bash by Nyiana-sama 16th BirthdAy Bash :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 7 0 Chemistry of The Frog Wizard by Nyiana-sama Chemistry of The Frog Wizard :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 10 3 Lentils of My Heart by Nyiana-sama Lentils of My Heart :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 10 2
“See you tomorrow, Haru-chan.” Makoto beamed as the two young boys walked in front of his house. “We have a math test tomorrow, so be sure to study… Haru-chan, what’s wrong?”
Haruka shoved his hands in his pocket and turned his body away from Makoto’s before speaking.
“Nothing really. It’s just, I’m ten years old now, you really should stop adding –chan to my name.”
The dark haired boy wouldn’t look in his friend’s direction, afraid that the words may have come off more hurtful than he had intended. He knows that he shouldn’t try to say anything to hurt Makoto, but as Haruka grew older, he didn’t like the –chan being added to his name anymore.
“Just call me Haru.”
“O-okay.” Makoto held his head down and began to nervously weave his fingers together.
“But why just Haru? I’ve never called you that before. Was I madding you mad by adding –chan? I
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 3 0
After the Storm
The waters churned with a severe intensity, waves forming that were larger than the previous, stinging as they slapped against skin. Frantic blue eyes in the water looked out towards a person struggling to stay afloat in the storm.
Silent words escaped, again and again the blue eyed boy called out that name. The moments passed by, and Haruka started to swim towards his friend struggling to stay above the surface. Fighting his way throw the water, trying to save his friend, Haruka tried to close the gap between their bodies, yet the distance never seemed to close. The dark haired boy quickened his pace as he saw Makoto barely keeping his head above the water.
Faster and faster, Haruka tried to reach Makoto. Knots formed in his stomach, and his chest began to tighten I won’t make it… Thrusting his body through the water as fast and as hard as he could, Haruka looked into the distance of the ocean, surveying his surroundings, no longer able to see
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 3 0
Lost Water by Nyiana-sama Lost Water :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 1 1
“Makoto, what are you looking at?” A young voiced piqued in curiosity, as he stepped forward into the doorway. Walking towards his friend, the boy looked up at a bowl sitting upon a side table, inside of it were two goldfishes, moving around freely.
“The old man I told you about gave these to me yesterday! Aren’t they pretty, Haru-chan?” Makoto stood up on his toes to get a better look at his new fish, entranced by their beauty. They were red with traces of gold in their scales, and the end of their fins and tail were white. They moved with such grace, that neither of the young boys could take their eyes off of the fish in front of them.
“Have you thought of names for them?”
“No, not yet, I’ve been thinking but I can’t decide. I want to give them nice names, but nothing seems good enough…” A frown covered Makoto’s face, catching Haruka’s attention.
Haruka never liked to see Makoto sad, for the few year
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 1 1
Complimentary Colors
"Haru, what's this for?" Makoto asked holding up a necklace he had just received. Green eyes investigated the necklace, inspecting the dark, yet clear green marble that sparkled against the light. Small pieces of metal wrapped around the marble holding it in place in a beautiful and artistic way. It was a small and simple green marble necklace, nothing too fancy or complicated, but still elegant in its own way, just like Haruka.
"I was cleaning out a closet when I found it. You can have it. There was also this one." Haruka tugged at something underneath his shirt, revealing a necklace that he had also been wearing. Much like the one Makoto had, the marble was small and had a vibrant shine in the light and together with the green gem formed a mix of complementary colors that both boys could only smile at.
Pulling the necklace past his hair and around his neck, Makoto's eyes became fixated on the gift Haruka had just given him. It wasn't often that his friend gave him a gift of any type,
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 2 2
GLASSES RAGE by Nyiana-sama GLASSES RAGE :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 5 4 Free! Rei background by Nyiana-sama Free! Rei background :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 6 4 Hope by Nyiana-sama Hope :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 0 6 Magi Puella Mikasa Magica by Nyiana-sama Magi Puella Mikasa Magica :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 5 2 AoT- Petra Rall by Nyiana-sama AoT- Petra Rall :iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 2 0
DeviantART's 13th birthday haiku
A COPPA no more
Can now join websites without
Lying about their age
:iconnyiana-sama:Nyiana-sama 1 1

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Daily Deviations that I handed out as a volunteer.

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Victuuri by FadeIntoCosmos Victuuri :iconfadeintocosmos:FadeIntoCosmos 412 19
Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviant
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,776 6,952
Happy V day by Kyouheii Happy V day :iconkyouheii:Kyouheii 58 2 SureMiku Valentine by KatarinaNoNeko SureMiku Valentine :iconkatarinanoneko:KatarinaNoNeko 28 0 na na nanananaa na na na naa by Sandy-kun na na nanananaa na na na naa :iconsandy-kun:Sandy-kun 101 6 Sormik ver. Beach DLC by Sandy-kun Sormik ver. Beach DLC :iconsandy-kun:Sandy-kun 71 2 Free!: MakoHaru by warutsu Free!: MakoHaru :iconwarutsu:warutsu 245 11 MakoHaru Festival ! Blue and Green by tsutsa MakoHaru Festival ! Blue and Green :icontsutsa:tsutsa 138 8 Prize art for MakoHaru Festival by tsutsa Prize art for MakoHaru Festival :icontsutsa:tsutsa 142 5
Quick Art Raffle (CLOSED)
Hi! :la:
Since I still have a couple more days free, I'm going to make a quick art raffle. To participate you just have to :+fav: this journal in the next 30 minutes. 
Note: There must be at least 8 participants for the raffle to happen.
I'll put the username of every participant in the List Randomizer over at so that it will shuffle the order. The winners will be the deviants that appear in the first three places after the list has been randomized.
The prize for each winner is a simple drawing
of a character of their choice in a style similar to this:

Good luck everyone!
CLOSED. We have 25 participants! :squee: 
:iconelicoronel16:elicoronel16 20 59
.Merry Fluffy Christmas. by lNeko-Hime .Merry Fluffy Christmas. :iconlneko-hime:lNeko-Hime 390 50 Commission 2 BlackBeta13 by Reikyourin Commission 2 BlackBeta13 :iconreikyourin:Reikyourin 1,270 122 The Star by whispwill The Star :iconwhispwill:whispwill 316 12 4am by skittIess 4am :iconskittiess:skittIess 318 57 Birthday for you! by ijuraru Birthday for you! :iconijuraru:ijuraru 327 50

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Getting Married Today!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2018, 7:23 AM

So, today is September 22nd, 2018. Which means its time for this girl to get hitched! :noes: If you told the 14 year old me who first joined dA, they would've been slapped. *I* wouldn't get married, said teenage me. I aimed to be the worst kind of woman possible to be a giant "fuck you" to the system.


That only somewhat happened.

At 5pm EST September 22nd, 2018, I will be married to the Derp of my life. :lol: Wish him luck!

30 more days!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2018, 7:13 PM




There's only 30 days til this gal over here gets married. 


Then I will go from Sam Normandin... to Sam Normandin. :lol: I literally just renewed all of my legal documents back in July, I am NOT changing them again. Besides, I like my name. I gotta finish up some of the wedding shit, come up with a seating plan, and kick some booty. Literally, I have an aunt who wants to bring her boyfriend, but he won't know until the day before the wedding if he'll make it. Um, I know my wedding is really informal and all, but this isn't a backyard bbq. That "maybe or maybe not" is $88 to me.

My wedding planner, Morgana, says that I'm the easiest bride she's ever had to deal with, and will probably ever deal with. Ceremony? I want it "do you? k. do you? k." No first dance, no parent/kid dances, no speeches, at least, none that I'm aware of. N I C E AND S I M P L E. I have my hair and nail appointments set, I have my dress, my strapless boob holder, and my shoes. I have everything i need for the center pieces, there's only a few more small things left to get, which I can do whenever before then. Literally, a chain of dollar stores have been supplying my wedding. $1 or less on everything guaranteed. :D NO ONE CARES WHERE THE SHIT CAME FROM! Only if I can make it look pretty.

So yeah, on September 22nd, 2018, I will be hitched. HOORAY TAX BREAKS

500,000 PV SOON

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 20, 2018, 5:39 AM


I'm roughly 50 pageviews away from 500k. But there's a damn good chance I'll be at work when that happens. Because, well, you know. :lol: work stuff. That's how life goes. If anyone catches it and takes a screenshot to show me, they'll get 500 points*. =P Sorry its not more, but I don't have much to give. I may work, but I'm still poor.

TL;DR. Get my 500,000th pageview screenshotted and sent to me, win 500 points*

*valid only for one person. weird situations where two people get it, only the first person to comment wins

yes. that asterisk situation has happened before. IDK if they ever fixed it.

Add my on Pokemon Go! FRIENDS FOR EVER 

5 deviants said 2033 3369 9020
1 deviant said Or drop me your friend code if you want. The more friends the merrier. :)


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