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This was my resume project in my third week of Page Layout class. The specs were to create a resume for a man named Steve Stevenson, a graphic designer with information taken off a site that was formerly holding a contest to make said resume.

Graphic Designer resumes are meant to look much different than the resume for someone who's going to apply at Boring Desk Jobs Inc. They are meant to be eye catching, but still purposeful. In short, much more graphic. (imagine that!)

One of Steve's interests was anything Japanese, so I opted for a muted colour pallet with a hint of red which you can see in the border I added to hint at the Japanese flag. I have some spacing issues, namely the space after Flying Banana Labs and the space opposite the Software text. One large thing I would change is I would bring down the grey boarders so it doesn't interact with the main body of text.

Design (c) myself. 2011.
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Faving because it's not everyday you see a resume thats as interesting as this one.
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I know, I love Graphic Design resumes. They can look really amazing. <3 Mine's pretty boring in comparison. XD
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They look fantastic.
xD Shame. You should work your magic on yours.
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I will when I'm looking for a job in that industry. Until then, I have to leave it plain because it's frowned on to have an altered resume.
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Ooo. Well, then seems like I learned something new then.