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Life update | Art pack

Mon Aug 13, 2018, 3:27 PM

This is more a copy/paste from my nsfw account Leaftter

Feel free to skip this ;U;
Will leave these journals I did  for more info
Critical situationHello there! ;v; this journal it's mostly for me to share a little bit of what it's happening here where I live. I don't really even know why I'm actually doing this, I think I'm just trying to vent a little? Or I want to someone to read all of this, to read their opinions and so. I just though it's not a bad thing to do so I'll start.
Also, I'm sorry for my bad english OTL

Okay so.
I'm Ney, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Venezuela. I bet you've hear about this country situation, if you're not I would like to share a little bit of it to you. I don't even know where to start. I'm pretty bad at explaining stuff so I'll keep it quick and simple.
I'm almost starting to maintain my family right now.
Venezuelan minimum salary it's like 1,5$ [USD] And no, you can't cover anything with it, you can't afford daily basic products (Stuff like Toilet paper, soap, shampoo...) And, most important, food. I'ts like your who
[Help] Paypal limited my accountOkay so I'm going straight to the point. I'm honestly deppresed right now I urgently need advice.
A few days ago I got an email by Paypal that says ''Your account has been limited until you provide additional information.'' So alright, I go to my account and submit every stuff they asked for, still there was something that was kinda weird; They wanted me to explain all transactions between certain dates where I didn't any transaction so I was like ''what the hell, Paypal?''
I felt pretty disoriented about that so I decide to call so I can ask how can I help to have my account back. Everything was going fine the person I was talking to was super, super polite and nice but then she ask me about what I'm selling, I explain everything about commissions, the whole process and about this site, then she tells me she haven't never hear about DeviantArt (And Paypal it's kinda affiliated with dA, right? I mean you can send your earnings to paypal so it's just ovbious.) This mi
HiatusIt's not over.
Update: Electricity it's stable again! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
So I just had about 40 hours with no electricity and now it looks that we'll have: 13 hours with no electricity, then it'll get back for some 2/3 hours and then it'll get cut 13 hours again. I do not know how long this will take so I'll stop comming here, I wont open commissions or upload any art ftm.
I'll try to work a little in my side nsfw account Leaftter but I don't think I can do much. I almost have the most important documents to get out of the country, the money, of course, still a problem now that I don't have any income but I'll just find someone who will lend me some (I have some friends on Argentina who fortunately already said they will help) My argentinan ID appointment it's on september and I have to go late august. I do not know how to heck I'll make it but I'll do it! > A </
So well, that's it, thank you for reading and also I'm sorry if I can not answer any comment here or

If you check last journal you'll see I mention a daily 13 hours blackout? Well it's actually happening again but it's getting worse tbh (We just had 15 hours) So... it's really hard, I live in a hell-ish country (?) 30/40° everyday and my house just get so hot that I need to sleep in the roof (well, this fact makes me laugh a lot somehow) They're cutting the electricity between 4pm to 6am and I never can get some sleep because the weather (4 hours maximun) and then I have to work so ugh... 

Update: It's getting a more ''random'' situation now, can get better or can get worse at any moment, electricity time FTM will be 3/4 hours per day.

So about that ''Art pack'' Stuff

I want to put on sale a whole pack of drawings, would contain headshots, full/half bodies, sketchpages, full drawings with background and stuff. Also an ''NSFW Art pack'' would also be available on Leaftter I'm wondering if this would be a nice idea ;;  I would love to hear any suggestion!

Thank you very much for reading! TT u TT

Closed species sneak peek

Tue Aug 7, 2018, 10:06 PM

-- by Nyesth
Hey there!
Making this journal to talk a little bit of this idea I've been working lately! I'm looking for some advice or reviews about this little proyect n ¬ n

As I said in a journal I posted a few months ago, I have more or less two years since this little idea to create my own closed species came out, their name was ''Hikurant'' a weird mixed word made from ''Hikari''  and ''Rantan'' (Light and Lantern in japanese, please correct me if I'm wrong on this :'>) I'm pretty bad with names so since I kinda liked it I deceided to just leave it like that XD

So, I totally abandoned this, back then I felt there was lack of originality, just one special treat and I was like... ugh, nope. And then a pretty lot of time later I wanted to make this kind of ''redesign'' and try to bring them back, one night at 3am I said ''I'll do this until someone else does something similar, I can't be the only person on earth with this idea'' (jk) But I have to admit, yes, I was suuper scared of it! So I asked some help, some people even did some research if there was something similar (If you're one of them, I love you ty) I received super nice reviews, suggestions and even got encouraged to keep working on this thing I hated two years ago ;U;

Okay so, I don't want to bore you anymore! Let's talk about what I already have planed for these little creatures ❤
I won't make you read that much, I promise! (?)
Beware this is just a wip, I may change some stuff, and I also apologize for my english! 

In the exact same moment when deep and strong human feelings are released and a light source gets extint, a small spirit borns from this last bit of light and get started on a journey to find a rift to their world. This little spirit travels around the world in the search of and entrance to home and by carring some human knowledge and instinct they slowly grow up acquiring their form based on the influencers of the Hikurant it's attracted to. The more it takes a Hikurant to enter on their world the older their appearance will be!

An influencer it's every single living beign in the world and Hikurants always gets atracted to some of them in the journey to find a rift. The Hikurant slowly growth this kind of curiosity about an influencer and starts to get close to them, to study them or just watch them for long periods of time. Influencers are the responsibles of a Hikurant physical appearance! (As for example my character Dalya in the draw of above who spended a lot of time with a little domestic kitty, roses where also a influencer but minimal)


The very first trait from two years ago! 

Hikurant's hair detaches little glowing particles that disintegrates within approximately 40 seconds, by cutting the hair off it becomes into permanent magic dust which can be used to increase the power of certain weapons and accesories or to create special potions. This only can be success if the hair it's cutted by its owner, the more hair a Hikurant have the more powerfull their inner magic will be, however there are Hikurats that have preference in having powerfull weapons instead! Hair takes a very long time to grow. 

-- by Nyesth

Bulbs and Shell

A pair of glowing ''bulbs'' with a soft cotton-like texture are placed at the head on the top along a hard and traslucent cover around it called the ''shell'' 
It's glown representates the health of an Hikurant. The shell it's often decorated with a border made of many materials such as gold, silver, platinum, etc and the shape, as the Hikurant appaerance, varies depending on their influencers.

Crystal shell; The hardest shell but still can broke, can't regenerate yet can be repaired using another crystal.
Glass shell; Brokes more easily but it regenerates slowly.
Matte glass shell; Very translucent, has a fast regeneration. 

Annnnd that's everything I got so far TT u TT I think I covered it all still feel free to make any questions you have! 
From the bottom of my heart, I hope you like this and thank you very much for reading!!!


Just had 32 hours without electricity, sleeping in the roof is kinda weird tho after 2 hours the concrete starts getting soft _:'3/ 
Help! I'd like to know your opinion please!

There's a friend of mine that got commissioned to make this kind of custom/redraw of a character (Here is . by Nyesth ) When she finish it and ask for payment this person just keeps like ''Who are you?'' then ask her for info about the commission, leave her on ''seen'' and dissapears for a month. It's been three months already :c

I was wondering, can she sell this character? Commissioner provided different photos/draws for clothing, so we're not sure if selling it's an option. There's something she can do? ;;

It is bad to create more clothes to characters you adopt? owo 

141 deviants said Nope!
72 deviants said No, as long you still give credit for the original!
24 deviants said Better ask before adopting!
5 deviants said Yep!


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