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it's been quite a time, but I don't really have much to say here. I still fight the life, or rather my homeless situation. It sucks, but I am alive, so I can't whine about it. It's not that bad for myself, as I am taking small jobs that fly by - doing some car maintenance, building scene decorations for commercials... I just can't make much of drawing. I don't feel like it, in fact I feel like crap when I want to draw.

I am worried about that and also, I am worried about my pets, who feel this too, having less freedom than I used to give them. 

I can't do anything but hope something will change. Hope you all are doing fine, and keep creating wonderful art for us all.

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Hope things work out for you soon! I know how intense a job hunt can be! Don't forget how talented you are; once you have time to draw again, the lust for drawing will return! Wish you all the best!
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Hey Nyemi Nakatina here From World of warcraft if you still remember me. Im sorry to hear that you still struggle with you homelessness. and im sad to see that you havend been able to keep up any work to get a job. :/ I kinda miss you and still miss that Drawing you made of my night elf lorng while back. never got it my self.. but yes. 

I Do hope that the tide will turn with you. and you will get good wind and a place you can call home. still follow you and looking forward to see you maybe alittle more on?

Yours Nakatina <3
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Ráda slyším, jak se ti daří. Budu držet palce, ať tohle období skončí a nahradí ho nějaké lepší, pro tebe i tvoje zvířátka.
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Hey, nice to see that you are active and keep on fighting. You are a strong one! So keep going and it will ge better. :)
If you can not draw now, get it a rest for a short time. It think it will get back to you, i believe in it. :)

And don't stop on being awesome as you do all the time.

See ya!
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I'm happy you're finding some work here and there!
Although my hope is that you can return to drawing one day, better than ever!
Take my best wishes with you! :)
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