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Finally warm weather. Means lots of bike rides, horse bonding and - work! 

I am sort of excited I might bring to life a project of me and my friend. It should be a book for kids which he wrote and I am illustrating it. It's mostly up to me now, as the text is ready. For the start, we're making the book in our native language, but should it turn to be a success, we'd love to publish it in English aswell.

I'd rather stop slacking and post some progress here. Stay tuned for new info about the project!
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AshloreProfessional Digital Artist
Sounds great, I hope it becomes popular and you hit the MOTHERLOAD! :lol:
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nyemiProfessional General Artist
I just hope to have a real loiving breathing book released!
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AshloreProfessional Digital Artist
IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!! :evillaugh: