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Well, seems I will be unable to upload art...
...since I finally got a work! Or rather, the work got me, it found me out on it's own and I might live in a relative peace, as long as it lasts. Anyways, it's rather time demanding (more than I was ever used to), so I barely have energy or time to draw anything for myself. Ahwell, as long as the job covers me and my car and horse - I can live with that!

I am le concept artist at Lonelysock Games!
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pam pam pam! like a boss :D
I have to check that out
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HEY! Hey you stranger! Oh, awesomeness! I hope you'l like it :D Go, go, download Coral City for your android ;)
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That's so awesome!
I wish you lotsa success! :iconexcitedplz: