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...and back to Prague. Home sweet home, I found out my town is really dear to me and I say it was a good experience. (I've spent the first month of the holidays in Norway, nearby Bodo.)
As soon as I got back I went for Eurofurence 17 promptly, to draw loooooads of pictures. Shudder as much as you like, but I can say I've never met a person amongst that community, who'd been rude or hostile towards me. So I've really enjoyed the week in company of weird people, exactly my sort.
And again back to Prague.
If you wonder why am I so rooted here, you should really ever come to check it out - we've got some awesome movies been shot here, a lot of historical stuff, legends, architecture, tours and such. And for the people that fancies that sort of fun, nightlife!

I still got a little bit of work brought from EF home, but I am available for few commission spots at the moment. Gotta keep in shape!

Peace and flowers!

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In my country, Prague goes as: The Mother of Cities, The City of Thousand Towers.
Who needs more, duh. :la: