Life's a joke

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let's laugh at it.
It also left me without a job again.
It was fun while it lasted, it was good and gave me few months to rest with common routine as any other common hobo does. Morning get up, go to the office and do something until you are released. In the evening return home, play one, two hours of computer games, before crushing in the bed, hoping the other day would bring something new, something adventurous.
Well, yesterday surely did, leaving me unemployed again.

So here I go, walking the road like anytime before, waiting what's gonna hit me. Oh, and I'd forgot - doing commissions along the way, as I need to feed myself, ehehe!

Should you find interest in my work, leave me a note.

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Yuck, I hear ya. I'm trying to get rid of my jobs at the moment. I work 2, 6 days a week, and am just absolutely bumming myself out.

I would buy artwork from ya! I love your stuff. Do you take paypal or whatnot?
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Awwwh, thanks! I do, I do indeed!
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Then draw me something darnit! What's your asking price? I'll pay you to draw myself and my friends' (6 of us total) World of Warcraft characters. Is that how that works? I've never dealt with requesting and/or paying for art work.
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A commission usually work that way - you want a picture, you tell to the artist, who draws it to your liking and then you pay. Well, the paying part varies with artists, sometimes you pay before they draw x)
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aww man, sorry to hear that, it kinda looked like a fun job too :C
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It was.. well, stable! As much as few month stable can be xD
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Here's to hoping a new job will pop up soon! With your talent it will!
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Thanks a lot :)
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Wanna job like no other? Come to our kitchen if you dare:P We need every hand and we can feed you as well if you´ll be behaviour.
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Oh noes Nyemi :(
I miss your silly self around the usual haunts and I'm so sorry to hear how life keeps kicking you. I hope things start looking up soon. *All the hugs*
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Awh, thankies! I feel strangely ok though, I guess I believe people will gimme enough work I guess :)
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WHAT?! I demand JUSTICE! >:C
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HAR HAR HAR! I am fine, I have last few buck for food! :D
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Ah, thank the heavens! I'm relieved you'll only starve to death a week from now! =P
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