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With the rising numbers of liulfrs the species is having to consider creating large packs to allow them to reap the benifits of the different territories, but liulfrs arent the only species out there, and others species are also gathering in large groups, these groups will become competitors for each other. In order to keep the peace and to make sure the packs arent constently at war with eachother alliences and treaties are to be set down. But will everyone stick to their oaths, or will they break the treaties and start an all out war of the clans? Nydaovia has a lot of hidden secrets but will they lead the pack that calls it their home to happyness and peace or chaos and distruction?

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Nydaovia Front Cover - Chapter 1 by Apikalia96



:new:Updated - 04/05/2017
Well, I know it's been a long time since my last update, but life has been busy lately and its been hard to find time for must at the moment. However I do have some new, I am considering rewriting the comic from scratch and changing up the main characters, the characters I currently have will possibly still be used but they wont be the main characters anymore. I understand this is probably a set back, but I'm hoping that the new script I have planned will be much more interesting thatn my old plan. This does mean that all current hand drawn sketches I have will need to be changed and redone, but I'm thinking of posting the sketches as page previews as they shouldn't give too much away. Sorry to delay progress even further but its for the best. Things will probably still be slow as I have to focus on my 2 month old babies needs so writing and drawing pages will be during her nap times, and possibly I may be able to do some while feeding her but It will depend wheither she's playing me up or not. I am currently working on rewriting the script/general plot so once I'm happy with this I will start to plan my main characters andonce I know how they are going to influence the story and I know what I want them to be like I will get references made for them.

Updated - 17/06/2015
Started /Half way through remaking page one, next I will either bring out a new page or remake the front cover or page 2, once i have remade pages 1 and 2 and the front cover i shouldn't need to remake any for a while so i will be able to move on with the comic thank you for being so patient.

Updated - 12/06/2015
Planning on remaking the first few pages as I want to make the backgrounds look better and add some softer tones and textures, and make things a little more free drawn/less use of brushes.

Updated - 25/05/2015
Sorry for the delay on getting a new page up I was trying to plot how I wanted the next page to go, and it wasn't going well but I have a cool plot to draw you guys in to the mysterious ways of the Nydaovian lands and the strange creatures that go bump in the night!

That's all for now guys hope you enjoy the new page when its up!
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