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May 7, 2010
Suggester said: "Fantastic coloring and amazing perspective really give this piece a fabulous claustrophobic feeling you can only feel in a city. "

Metametropolis by *nyctopterus
Featured by LineBirgitte
Suggested by Vashtastic
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Their city just kept getting bigger and bigger—and there was only one solution: bigger people.

Illustrator CS 4
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nahojis's avatar
wonderful work, special style
pgibe's avatar
I like the composition and the colors, thank you for sharing it.
lavoux's avatar
gee man, such details :)
psych0oO's avatar
This is one of the coolest things. I want.
monkeymintaka's avatar
Love the perspective and the depth. Very cool! You cant see the sky, but who needs a sunset with all those windows ;P
junshi's avatar
this brilliant well done!!!
jvgce's avatar
I wish i could count how many window in this amazing work.........AWESOME!
felixxkatt's avatar
ReSkull's avatar
Great ideas in, about a future city.

Yes, earth have space for bigger people...
but no space for bigger-greeds beside us !
guagapunyaimel's avatar
A very nice concept on the picture..:)
and :omg: it is almost monochrome..:faint:
RhayvenNite's avatar
Did you free hand this or use a program? Its amazing!
nyctopterus's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean... I drew it "freehand" in Illustrator.
RhayvenNite's avatar
Ahh. Umm Hehe XD What I meant was .. Like .. I know there are programs that help contractors essentially design wide scale buildings and such. Free hand just refers to just like regular drawing and all, such as what you'd do on an art tablet.

I was just wondering. ^^;

Its really good though. I have a real thing for buildings and all >.< And this is ... This is just freaking amazing. The shear size and just ... Everything! Its really good!
GarretQ's avatar
very reminiscent of Guliver's Travels. Really like the simple shapes
Vanguard3000's avatar
Brilliant work. Those big people would almost fit into that main building, if it weren't for that stupid window-thing...
Chief-Slaya's avatar
this is really cool :O
RobertJamesA's avatar
Blows my mind freakin awesome 8-)!
jessicagorawr's avatar
quite interesting
ItsxMagik's avatar
This might be the most awesome thing I've seen all week.
monacle-man's avatar
simple and effective
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