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Kronosaurus and Woolungosaurus

The Australian plesiosaur Kronosaurus queenslandicus chasing the elasmosaur Woolungosaurus.

This is based on some range-of-motion sketches Colin McHenry sent me, which showed Kronosaurus was more flexible than I had thought. It must have been pretty cool to see a twenty-tonne " swimming head" flipping around like a seal.

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It was later downsized to 11 tonnes. Man, this is over a decade old.
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"a twenty-tonne " swimming head" flipping around like a seal." best description of a Kronosaurus ever 
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Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
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Wow. Love the vantage point on this one! :D
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Ah, hi John. I've got a tiny critrique here. Contrary to most contemporary and historical restorations, the larger pair of fins was the hind pair, I volunteered at the South Australian museum, and there's lots of banter about plesiosaur anatomy flying around there.

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I can see why you might think that I had the idea that the forelimbs were longer than the hind, but actually it's just a matter of (possibly poorly drawn) foreshortening.
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Ah, thought so, it's well-practiced foreshortening though, believe me. Anyway, the fact that it's a more obstructed view of the hindlimbs made me speculate as to how you figured it's actual dimensions. The upcoming contemporary portrayals of Umoonasaurus, the "Eric" leptocleidid, wil very soon help dispell the old myths.

As far as I know, the Elasmosaurs and
Plesiosaurs had the "typical" arrangement of slightly longer forelimbs, while Pliosaurs and Rhomaleosaurs had longer hinds.

Anyway, the sense of motion in this piece is spot on, I really admire the sense of scale the old Kronosaur retains, inspite its burst of speed. I always imagined Kronosaurs starting a hunt lurking far below, seeing as their eyes are positioned facing upward, but matched against an Elasmosaur, it would easily need to take chase.
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Great dynamics.
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See, this is why I think Paleo-Artists should do concept work for paleo shows.
Awesome work.
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colours :lovely.all muddy underwaterlike
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Wow, awesome! I really like the shadows, and the watercolour-paper texture of the background. :)
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very nice lighting is great, where did you find that great paper texture @?
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Heh, soft still waters with..looming death.
Love the texture given to the image, and the mellowed watery colors used.
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i love the shadow effects, and the little outlines on the __saurs make them look detached from the background. Gives a very 3d feel
I love this one
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Hmmm... I thought Kronosaurus was part of the Pilosaur group... then again my source is likely out of date...

Anyway, this rules. I adore the light shadow effects, that's a wonderful realistic detail. :thumbsup:
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They're all plesiosaurs.
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definately unique..
love the texture you used to represent the water.
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WOW!! Looks almost like a traditional painting. You're... getting... too... good! I would like to make vector things with my mind! How do you do it?

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Wow very unique..and cool texture u put in...great job!
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It's time to take a bath ! Great work i very like your style. I would just regret the texture you used to give a canva aspect, i prefer your very clean color aspect :) But this is only a detail ;)
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Great stuff, especially the watershadows. You really think of everything when making your art:thumbsup:
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Daaaaaamn! Very very cool, says I.
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