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Kraken Come

Come, Kraken, come, I don't want my beautiful ship anymore.

Illustrator CS
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wow amazing job ;p I love the reflection of the ship in the water and great job on the tentacles ;p
Camille25's avatar
terror terror!!!
ScaryGnome's avatar
this is fantastic.
ellenmellenn's avatar
This is wonderful:)
YellowRavenInk's avatar
Very beautiful, it does make me a little sad.
elGuaricho's avatar
i love it, is very romantic..<3
zkytanni's avatar
it's so pretty... now I feel that my kraken picture is immensely crude..
so PReeeeeetty <3
hessyes76's avatar
Man, this is a cool piece. It's like something from a dreamworld and somehow not creepy to me for some reason. It'a almost calmiing to look at. Very imaginative piece. I LIKE IT!!! :) (Adding to favorite too!)
ResponsLive's avatar
It reminds me of the movie Sinbad, when all the monsters are stars! :) Very beautiful! :D
rodfocov's avatar
Very beautiful. I love the way the water is calm, even in the midst of a huge beast. The water/sky coming together like that is also interesting... But great picture! :D
bigshine's avatar
Beautiful contrast and lightning effects.
Wow, so beautiful. I love how you drew and colored the ship.
adni18's avatar
Excellent work! :thumbsup:
It will be great if you join our group DA Premium [link]
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This is just ridiculously pretty! I love the atmosphere and the colors. It's all really lovely.
TimotesH's avatar
wow instant fave, beautiful piece oO
mairimart's avatar
mairimart's avatar
such a great atmosphere...
I can hear the silence...
JIYkp's avatar
I like this a lot
detruk's avatar
One of my best feeling since weeks. I LOVE your work man. You're a great artist, really.
maiji's avatar
Your description just makes this picture even more magical. Love the story hiding behind it, and how the ship looks like it's floating on the surface of a mirror.
Uh, dang it. I can never think of anything constructive to say about people's artwork. I can, however, say that this is freaking amazingly cool.
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