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Naughty Boy discovers his Kryptonite

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It was just another day in the studio with Supergirl doing a little test shoot for me, when Naughty Boy, drawn by the power of bright red boots, stumbled into the room. Of course, Victory Girl had to make an appearance to put things into perspective. 

Happy Birthday FDComics! May you find all the boots, or the boots find you :D 

Naughty Boy is (the OC of) FDComics.
Victory Girl is my OC.
Supergirl is Fanart. 
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nataliesafira's avatar

i really love this for some reason o.o

Jobobobo's avatar

HA! I love Kara's reaction to the boots issue...

MirrorKhaos's avatar

A nice gift for FDC, Glad Naughty boy discover Supergirl boots.

VG appearance is a nice bonus.

LordLard's avatar

No surprise that he liked this one :-)

nyctophobia11's avatar

Getting into trouble with two women is better than getting into trouble with one ;)

LordLard's avatar

Perhaps that depends on the women concerned! ;-)

OttoRussell's avatar

More like magnetic boots, great dialog.

nyctophobia11's avatar

they are quite attractive ;) Thanks! :)

Cracoviia's avatar

VG has a point, Naughty Boy...but then if she starts beating some sense into him he'd probably enjoy that too :D Very funny.

nyctophobia11's avatar

That is the problem when dealing with Naughty Boy :D

FDComics's avatar

Those are going to be some very clean red boots :lick:

(I think VG is just jealous ;) )

Thank you :hug:

nyctophobia11's avatar

It's always annoying when an ex-(toadying lackey) falls for another pair of red boots ;P

You're welcome and I hope you have a great day! :)

kclcmdr's avatar

Kiss her boots and then kiss the hem of her cape & watch Supergirl blush red....

nyctophobia11's avatar

That might be his plan ;)

dellcartoons's avatar

Supergirl, just leave the boots and get away...

nyctophobia11's avatar

Hmmm... would that work? Only FDComics can tell us if that ploy will work... :D

FDComics's avatar

It will delay him, while he adds them to his collection, and makes use of them.

But he'll be back, to see if she's got a replacement pair

nyctophobia11's avatar

:D It's always fun to toss Naughty Boy at superheroines :giggle:

Dangerguy01's avatar

This is kind of the opposite of "Kryptonite"

nyctophobia11's avatar

Vicky approves this message Two Thumbs Up

ArtfulBunny's avatar

Poor Supergirl. I'll comfort her...

nyctophobia11's avatar

Her new toadying lackey would like to have a word with you :giggle:

ArtfulBunny's avatar

I have a message for him

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