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It's 's Cookie!

My first commission. I hope you like it, *HelixScape! Based on this picture: [link]

Polymer clay, acrylic paint.

Um. Wow I don't know how tall it is. Maybe I should measure it.
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Even after 4 long years, this sculpture still sits proudly on my windowsill - a permanent reminder of everything I love about your work, and the true, wonderful friendship extended to me on this site.
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I'm so glad it isn't broken!
I'm also glad you are still around. :)
Nice to hear from you!
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He look's so cheeky! How big is he? And how long did he take? Good job!
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Hmm.. he fit nicely into the box 100 CDs on a spindle came in. How's that? :D

I don't really know how long he took. The painting took longer than the sculpting, actually.
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AAwwwwwwww...! He looks so... so... cute! Everything turned out great: his tongue and ears are the best part! His tail confused me a bit until I clicked on the picture you used for reference (can be use it to produce heart-shaped bubbles? :giggle:). At first glance I thought his wings were armor shoulder pads but it's not your fault at all: I'm ust obsessed with an anime serie called Saint Seiya =)

Excellent, Nyc!
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Thank you! :D
Oh, heart shaped bubbles.. Heh I could see that.

Anyway I'm mostly happy with it. ;)
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Pull a JB and put a quarter in the photo for scale!

Nice work! He's cuuute.
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That's a good idea. :)
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Oh-hohoh, awesome! Really cute! :nod:
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You're welcome. :) Keep on keepin' on!
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Awrrrrr! How wonderful! This has come out even better that I had ever hoped, and you've made this model every bit as loveable as the character himself! I am simply beaming with happiness, and I can't wait to get him! :D

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Oh fantastic! Because you beaming with happiness was the goal, you know. :giggle:
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The...hugglement...get me to a doctor...
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C is for cookie; that's good enough for me!

This seems to have come out very well in the end, oh mistress of craftiness.
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That's really cute! You caught the character's playful whimsy nicely.

He's certainly had a cookie or two in his day, hasn't he? (:
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now that's one... kooky... character *hyuck hyuck*
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That is sweet! That would be a fine part of any dragon collection.
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good job!
from the looks of it, the only way is water displacement :giggle:
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