Private Eye in Los Diablos (Literature Contest)

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No sooner are you settling down into a quieter, coffee-stain-on-a-paperback small-town life, that someone comes knocking on your Detective Agency door. There's something suspicious going on, and it's up to you, the newcomer detective in this fog-bitten place called Los Diablos, to figure things out.

This is your chance to make a name for yourself and your agency.

Your task is to follow your target for however long it takes to get to the bottom of things. Once you have the facts, you will be writing them up for your supervisor and your client.

Your stake-out coffee expenses are on the line--and the safety of the town too, of course.

    1. Piece must be submitted as a Literature deviation. If you include images, they may be previews or linked to the main text contest entry in the Artist's comments. 2. The piece can be in any format (story, report, list, notes, etc) and it can be from any point of view (first person, third person) as long as it makes sense. 3. There is no work (or word) limit, but don't skimp and make it too short! You need something solid to back up your expenses. The Detectives Union encourages its members to aim for 1,000-5,000 words or so. 4. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
      a. Creativity. b. Readability. c. Awesomeness.
    5. Pieces should be submitted as a Deviation and a link should be sent to CRLiterature. 6. Deadline is Monday, July 4th, 2011.

More details (and more detailed instructions, and prize information) can be found in the following journal:…
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curious to know if there's a set date winners are announced?
serenitydiscord's avatar
Oh, okay. Maybe this will actually get me to write something. Good thing I checked in for once! ;)
Quemaqua's avatar
I love this so hard. I wish I had time.
zebrazebrazebra's avatar
raspil's avatar
dadgum it's not like i don't have a LIFE over here, now i have to do this!?! GRR

Lit-Twitter's avatar
Chirp, it's been twittered. [link] :)
Tobaeus's avatar
Awesomesauce. I've dabbled in detective stories and had some fun with them. This is definitely going on my list of things to write.
neurotype's avatar

Okay, kind of tempted to reuse them raptors...although anthro is way too hard for me. /le sigh

I have to confess, I agree with `Memnalar's take on Los Diablos. Throw in a few swinging skeletons on the gallows for good measure :B
neurotype's avatar
:dead: <- from laughing. That's probably what I get for being cake, instead of a face ;p
nycterent's avatar
Did you know, ^Halatia had a dream about you. :lol:

Bug her until she spills the beans!
neurotype's avatar
:salute: Unnecessary, as it turns out!
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So how much can you twist this? Does it need to be a proper, down to earth detective story or can you put some fantastical or futuristic spins to it? (Why yes "It's magic!" is a perfectly valid explanation, have you never played Dungeons & Dragons?!)
nycterent's avatar
Haha, yes, to both. It can be written along the plain ol' detective genre, or have a dash of magic realism, or sci-fi, or include an epic battle of angels (from Los Angeles of course) and demons, or even have the housewife turn out to be a velociraptor in disguise--and if you go that route and get your entry done by tomorrow, you might be able to double strike this contest and ^Halatia's Raptor Rapture challenge.

In other words, you can bend the prompt in any direction within the framework. :)
NikitaDarkstar's avatar
All right. I'm not very familiar with detective stories, but I might give this one a shot. Sadly I won't be able to make both contests simply due to my own writing rules. After it done it gets to sit for a day before it gets edited, I tend to spit out crap when I don't follow that one. :p

But it sounds like a fun theme and a challenge is never a bad thing so I'll probably give this one a try and if it doesn't deviate to much from the theme I'll enter it. (To much meaning I want to be able to see the framework through a telescope at least.)
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Also, will you accept PDFs, or does it need to be a text deviation?
PaperDart's avatar
Would you object if I borrowed this idea?
Memnalar's avatar
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Absolutely. As long as it was text once upon a time...
Memnalar's avatar
Rad. Tubular, even.
Memnalar's avatar
Does it have to be fog-bitten? Los Diablos sounds like a dust-and-tumbleweeds backwater in the Texas Panhandle to me. ;)
nycterent's avatar
It can be a parallel universe that is everywhere and anywhere at once. :meow:
Memnalar's avatar
Sounds like Texas to me. :D
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