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Well, at least you have Holder's Boulder!

By Nyaseiru
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10-27-15 Edit: Too many people are responding with Gilda :V Das cool, but let's see if we can think of other ideas too x3;

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I hardcore crackship her with Zephyr Breeze XD Please don't kill me ;-;
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Limestone and Gilda could make a good shipping, actually... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Nightofstarryskies10's avatar
(Throws the jerk vender pony from the cherry stand in Putting Your Hoof Down at Limestone) There, ship away
SALT--WATER's avatar
cause you'd probably kill who ever they ship you with Yummy 
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
Lightning Dust!!!
ZSparkonequus's avatar
Dunno, you're my fav pie.
Moondancer.   You and Moondancer can be all tsundere at each other.  It'll be adorable.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who ships Limedancer.
KopaLeo's avatar
Rainbow Dash or Applejack fits well.
Octavia is fine too.
Wodahseht's avatar
I think she'd be great with Rarity. :P


Don't you know your own sister's ship? Holder's Boulder is Maud's ship. You can't have it too.
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Ah ship her with Sugar Belle!
PonitaCupcake's avatar
I'd ship her with the pony version of Sour Sweet! <3
Ukulerito's avatar
I ship you with... hm.. not freaking Gilda... Luna? nah... I know! I ship you with.. waaaaaaait for it.. wait for it... BIG MAC! I am not very good at ships, so dont kill meh plz .-.
Emmathemurder's avatar
aren't there any pony you like :3 
Chatterbeast's avatar
No problem, Limestone, I have a solution; you can have Gustave Le Grand. (Yeah, you thought I was gonna say Gilda, did you? Well, Cranky Doodle's already married and this comic got one to many responses with Gilda.)
sbloom85's avatar
Holder's Boulder.
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DragonFUA11's avatar
no no no, I got this. *backstabs the same sniper 5 times, they get grumpy face* here try this guy, you'll go great together!
jyroman53's avatar
OOoh Great work spai !! Let's pari da grumps together !
firecharge44371's avatar
aww, don't worry somebody will sooner or later ship you
ExceedinglyFabulousP's avatar
i'd say ship her with flutters but all limestone is, is an angry rainbow... so it would just be the same scenario that mac n marble being a mac n flutters redux.
Nyaseiru's avatar
It's amazing how much some people generalize a character's personality :v
ExceedinglyFabulousP's avatar
you have to when it comes to forming ships, you have to piece together how each aspect of the ship would play out. with what im presented with I have only been shown a streamlined personality, marble is shy, limestone is a hot-head. I did not generalize anything the show did. I work with what im given, if I would have been given more depth I would use it.

beyond that I currently use Fou Dubulbe's head canon about the pies forming emotion based masks to hide how they feel, and I've seen nothing in canon to combat that theory yet, the masks in that theory are very one sided, and in turn would give them streamlined personalities.
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