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MLP - TwiDash

I probably used that title name already,
I hope it won't confuse anyone . . . !
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The art is SPOT ON. But I'd like a little cute background, maybe a cherry tree with its leaves gliding with the breeze.
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I think everyone asked for this shipment!! And how is Rainbow Dash not as red as a tomato?
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Ahhh I love this. :> The line work is smooth, the shading is excellent, and I adore the art style. The way they're kissing looks a little awkward, but the rest is spot on. I'm quite a sailor of this ship. <33 :3
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Not my type of shipping, but it's still cute :aww: :aww: :aww:
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Very cute!
Best ship!
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Your improvement is lovely!

Nice work.
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Half of me is like: KISS KISS KISS ;)
but the other half is like: STOP OH GOSH STOP PLEASE!!!!!
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i really love the shading in twilight's hair for some reason. I wanna give that a try myself at some point hehe
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YAY! More TwiDash! Love it!
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So cute!!! ^^ otp ~
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Best ship tbh o3o
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This is... OMG THIS IS PERFECT!!! ❤❤❤ So cute and adorable ❤ Good work!~
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This may be one of the more Adorably Adorkable things I have ever seen :insertHappyIconHere:  I dont know how to do Icons...  BUT THIS IS ADORKABLE!!!
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Sooo cute! Great job :D
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Ooh, this came out lovely! I like this is arranged more dynamically from the older TwiDash picture you drew, also I've been noticing that you've been drawing Twilight's mane slightly different from the show, but it looks cute the way you have it as!

There are also small details like the faint blushing, the white heart spots on Rainbow's eyes, the little fluff behind Rainbow's ear, also the wings emphasize a lot of meaning too, with how Twilight's give the impression of embracing, while Rainbow's is just a taken back. I also unlike most TwiDash ships I like it how Twilight is the one making the moves on Rainbow Dash and not the other way around. That's just too cute! /)^u^(\

Also I have to take note that I like how vibrant the colors are in this picture. It's not just Rainbow's mane, but both Twi and RD's fur feels really exciting with the shading and lighting, and the soft shading on this is really-really nice both in terms in showing depth and simplicity.

The feeling of love here is sweet and the colors and the extra details really make shine. I think you should ship these two more often! c:
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Naillll quit making out with your boyfriend it sounds like *insert slurping noises here*-Super Kami Guru 
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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! :faint:
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Adorable, I love how sweet this is. Love Heart 
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verry nice arts :D
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