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MLP - Skylight

By Nyaseiru
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Please and thank you for viewing, +favorite, commenting, critiquing and/or even sharing, means a whole lot to me~

Well, here's my January drawing, I paid attention to shading/lighting as much as I did in "MLP - Together", and as well, since I revealed the secrets to how I draw my eye-style, I decided to kick it up a notch to test out a more advanced style.

Using that new line-tool I used in "MLP - Wandering", but apparently I naturally draw at this line-width, not how I did the other drawing. If I were to tone the size down then I could imitate the thin-line style of the other drawing again 'though some more potentially for future drawings.

I wanted to pair Twily and Dashie together again, 'though not blatantly shipping for this drawing, (but I suppose my initial intention was shipping). Just having the two peacefully talking together on a walk, something simple for me to practice more on the coloring and less on any fancy positioning/poses/backgrounds and such.

It really is pretty simple, in a way - (gonna use it as a wallpaper now~)

Approximate Time to Complete : 5~6 hours

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series belongs to Hasbro

You are free to share the artwork so long as I am clearly credited with my internet alias "DShou" and a link back to the image page and/or my profile page (you may not link directly to the image URL), this includes using it for personal purposes such as wallpaper, personal page banners, etc. If you wish to use the artwork for commercial purposes, groups, projects and/or minor events then you must ask me for permission. If you wish to use the artwork officially and/or in a major project/event then a Material Release (Art) form is necessary.

You may not create derivative work for release, this includes tracing, vectoring, creating the artwork in a different medium, copying the drawing in any form, alter, transform, build upon, etc. without my permission. Even then you are still required to credit me by linking back to my profile page, dshou.deviantart. com

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I like this deviation very much. Everything about this is great, well, mostly everything. What is the point of a critique you you don't point out how one can improve? I digress. the little details on the mane and wings, they seem a bit off to me. I understand that you wanted these details to show what you can do, and that's a good thing. The problem I have is that it seems too realistic for the pastel coloured ponies. The point of G4 is not to be realistic, but to be cartoon-like. I would have preferred more show-accurate manes and wings. That however, is my own opinion.
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Thanks for the critique~

Ah well, but it's a style I aimed for, semi-realistic while still pertaining the colorful nature of the ponies. I wasn't really aiming to completely be like the show and many of my most favorite MLP artists draw in a semi-realistic style (occasional fur puffs, more attention to anatomy/muscle-structure, mane/tail more realistic, wings more realistic, etc).

I didn't really go full-out detailed either 'though (I tried a more realistic mane/tail style than this before in an old drawing, but it stood out too much to me, this is a personal opinion but I find this a good balance), the outlines are simple for the wings and mane after all and the effects were also actually kinda quickly added.

I felt the show-style wings were 'too' simple as it was hard to draw some of the more complex wing positions because the show-style wings aren't built into 3 obvious sections.
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You know, when you say that, it makes me feel like an assh***.
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No worries~ I know lots of people prefer the show-style after all, and it's better mentioning it then not saying anything

Now something I can note - thanks to a comment by another and some plan shifting, I plan on trying out some drawings in my older style (before I learned most of this fancy detail additions) so I hope you'll enjoy seeing those when I get to them~
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Tellement bien fait!!!!
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Wow~I really like it!Especially the eyes.Oh,and also,Skylight is my oc's first name.
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do U do requests????
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I like this because it reminds me so much of my favorite speed artist on youtube and how she does her art!
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im make base? im credits of you and link imagem original :3
Nyaseiru's avatar
Ah I don't like bases being made sorry
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Heh my best buds would'nt very LOVE each other...
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I would love soooo much to fly free as a pegasi! 
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I love their eyes!
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How are you able to capture all that excitement, joy and overall emotion in their eyes? Just beautiful.
Clapping Pony Icon - Season Four Twilight 
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May I use this art for a video please? :)
I promise to credit you
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Oh, I suppose? So long as you source back and credit sure
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Sorry for the long wait but here's the video :)
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The eyes are amazing
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awesome the eyes are amazing as well!

amazing work!
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