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This thursday's drawing, I haven't drawn Rarity (or Applejack or Spike) all that much yet, so I thought it was best I give 'em some more attention!

Edit - Trying out a signature.

Edit - . . . Oh snap I forgot the highlights in the mane/tail . . . ! Uh shoot oh well.

Applied that filter I used in last Thursday's drawing and I also used a dutch-angle and letterboxing as well. Might notice some variations to how I draw the iris of the eyes in the last few drawings, it's kinda because I didn't bother to look back and remember how I did them or anything.

Btw, since my 'Thursday Drawing' is done from start to finish on the day, I actually rushed the line-work here. It went alright, the mistakes here and there aren't really noticeable but just something I wanted to point out.

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series belongs to Hasbro

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First off, I notice the angle, this 45 degree angle, along with the blur effect, give the deviation a great creative, original and interesting visual aspect. The pose of standing upright and putting one hoof to your chin along with the earring give it it's originality (Though Rarity and MLP already exist). The technique of small cute mouths and large beautiful eyes compliment each other well, though I am wonder what is up with the ear. Most importantly, the impact of this picture, wow, I don't often see art this stunning! The red curtain back drop really makes Rarity pop. Overall this is one deviation I won't soon forget.