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Oh sweet I got cover art for EqD's 1174th Drawfriend, achievement get =3
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It must be quite a shock to suddenly be in a simple background area suddenly with weird lights right after jousting - - - but there was that strange urge to pose out of nowhere . . . kind of . . .

Title Context : After spending some 8 hours on the first half of the drawing I finally bothered to save.

A redraw of an idea I drew a little over 2 years ago - Fluttershy in Light Armor by DShou

How'd I do over all this time?

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My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series belongs to Hasbro

You are free to share the artwork so long as I am clearly credited with my internet alias "DShou" and a link back to the image page and/or my profile page (you may not link directly to the image URL), this includes using it for personal purposes such as wallpaper, personal page banners, etc. If you wish to use the artwork for commercial purposes, groups, projects and/or minor events then you must ask me for permission. If you wish to use the artwork officially and/or in a major project/event then a Material Release (Art) form is necessary.

You may not create derivative work for release, this includes tracing, vectoring, creating the artwork in a different medium, copying the drawing in any form, alter, transform, build upon, etc. without my permission. Even then you are still required to credit me by linking back to my profile page, dshou.deviantart. com

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Aside from it being extremely cute and how the armor fits her so well, I would like to point out that Fluttershy has some great sense of balance. Standing on one rear leg with all that heavy armor on must not be easy.
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ElectroSkull64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is amazing! ^^ 
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JonericoHobbyist Digital Artist
adorbabborble <3
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Wow wow wow! Fluttershy's expression while on her jousting outfit is spot on. The jousting outfit would be a reference from the second part of the two-parter episode "The Crystal Empire." On the other hand, you did a fantastic job with your second attempt of Fluttershy in her armor.
LymmelTyteX's avatar
LymmelTyteXHobbyist Digital Artist
OoO never imagined seeing fluttershy in a brave warriors armor 
she looks stunningly cute ... even in an armor XD
Tigerpaint333's avatar
Tigerpaint333Student Digital Artist
that expression tho XD
Brandon4's avatar
Brandon4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Too cute X3
SLB94's avatar
SLB94Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's true, Fluttershy never has an uncute moment.
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fluttershy is the best pony that looks great and cute on an armor!!! :heart: :cute: :heart:
Love this piece of art!!! Simply adorable!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Aww she stay soo cute and sweet 4ever.
Very nice job.
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deli73123Student General Artist
This is absolutely adorable, and how much you've improved in two years is just inspiring!
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Polina12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute :3
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hiruruxStudent Digital Artist
Very cute, and great concept!
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This looks really nice, man! She looks adorable, and you did a great job.
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vani0vanessaHobbyist Digital Artist
sooooooo cute 
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summersheartyolo252Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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You look beautiful in that armor Fluttershy.
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Fluttershy: "Oh! Um, thank you." ^^;
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CrystalHeartz6Student Digital Artist
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait wearing an armor makes you bulky or stylish ! Not Cute as hell !!!!!!
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deli73123Student General Artist
Rule of Fluttershy:
Anything that's supposed to affect her appearance in any way other than make her more cute, makes her more cute.
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