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A Walk around Ponyville



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A bit late on this . . . ! Wanted to have this drawn like, when the episode came out. Coco kinda put like a bunch of my favorite traits in characters together and I've just been doodling her a bunch since.

Also Coco and Marshmallow owo New ship

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series belongs to Hasbro

You are free to share the artwork so long as I am clearly credited with my internet alias "DShou" and a link back to the image page and/or my profile page (you may not link directly to the image URL), this includes using it for personal purposes such as wallpaper, personal page banners, etc. If you wish to use the artwork for commercial purposes, groups, projects and/or minor events then you must ask me for permission. If you wish to use the artwork officially and/or in a major project/event then a Material Release (Art) form is necessary.

You may not create derivative work for release, this includes tracing, vectoring, creating the artwork in a different medium, copying the drawing in any form, alter, transform, build upon, etc. without my permission. Even then you are still required to credit me by linking back to my profile page, dshou.deviantart. com

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