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DC 09 - Drafts 01

By Nyaorestock
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NOTE! If you want a larger pixel size version of these pictures, or ones that aren't sharpened, just ask! The original versions of these pictures are all at 1920x2560, and while I refuse to POST those sized pictures here I am not against sending a larger sized version to you if you want them.

Here's the deal:
-Ask for a larger sized version and I'll send you one at 1280x960 pixels. (If I know you well enough and trust you though, I'll probably send you one at a higher resolution than that. [Though not as high as the commercial version.])
-However, if you want to use these for commercial uses send me a note to discuss payments and such and I'll send you the 1920x2560 version. =/

Taken at: Nevada County Fair Grounds (Draft Classic), Grass Valley, CA. September 27th, 09.

Read the rules in my journal if you wish to use this image. If you understand them and still wish to use this then please leave me a note/comment/etc so that I can know.

Note: Er... I have no idea what breed these guys are... If I had to guess I'd say Percherons, but I fail miserably at identifying drafts.. o__x (Edit: EumyCookie is awesome. Thanks for clearing this up. <3)

Taking a short break to upload more photos.
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Hi there, I know this a really old picture, but I just happened to stumble across it and ... Those aren't Percherons. Notice, they have feathering on their feet and most Percherons have little, to no feathering at all. And, it's hard to tell from this angle, but they seem a little too round to be Percherons.
I used to have a couple Percherons and other draft horses(They're such sweet horses! (: ). I would guess that they might be Clydesdales(yes, they can come in those colors, i think) but I might be wrong. Again, it is hard to tell from the angle and without actually being there to witness the giant beauties. Other than that, it's a great photo! (:
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Hm, thanks for pointing that out! :D I'll just change the title to Drafts instead. :)
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Aw. All those pretty white square butts. Beautiful horses. Stunning clean. xD
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>:P Hey, someone had to photograph them. lol
They must take their bath time seriously.
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LOL Good photograph. :P

I am noticing a weird lump on the right foreleg of the third horse (from the left) that is now distracting me. :/ It's still a great photo though. ;)
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Thank ya. :P
Good eyes. I never noticed that before. I'm sure it's just the angle, as I doubt any competent judge would allow a horse with a large lump to compete. Or at least I hope they wouldn't. o__o
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Yes, I doubt it causes lameness. It may just be proud flesh from a previous injury. Who knows. lol I was showing at a local, low budget show last year and a girl in my class was riding a bay horse that was very l.a.m.e. He was limping every two steps and had his back hunched up. He was dragging one foot through the stone dust and just looked terribly awkward. The judge pulled her out immediately and she argued saying that this is how he always was and that he wasn't lame. Needless to say they left the show grounds because none of the judges would allow her to show. Poor horse.
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You're kidding me? Urgh, it never fails to astound me the sort of things that humans will do to animals out of ignorance. The horse always limped, so therefore it was alright for it to continue to do so? Good on the judges for kicking her out of the show, though I'd probably have gone a step further and called the humane society on her for monitoring. Then again one of my horses had to be put down due to a severe case of laminitis, so I tend to be overly sensitive in regards to leg problems in horses. xD I get rather antsy when I see a horse so much as make one misstep, even if it does them no harm what-so-ever.
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I totally understand your over protection. I had a pony mare (Baby's dam) who's front legs were twisted inwards. Pigeon toed. Limped terribly. It took a long time to fix her hooves enough for her to no longer limp. Horse's legs are their most venerable parts. If a leg is damaged, it is likely to damage the entire horse. They are so little protection as far as muscle/fat/etc. It amazes me to watch the Arabs pound around on those little toothpicks without snapping anything. xD I'm overly cautious with horse legs as well. lol
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I just want to ask if I may use this awsome picture as reference for a drawing of my 4 Ardenner Characters? Finished picture will be posted here with a link to this page and credit on the picture it self. And I want to ask if it will be ok the show the finished artwork on howrse.de and on my online-stable where I'm admin. If I post it there I'll also link back to this page and give credit on the picture itself.

thank you
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Of course, go ahead and use them. :)
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I'd say they are percherons ^^ there bodies and stuff match the criteria of a percheron =P
Nyaorestock's avatar
xD I must be good at guessing then..
Thanks for clearing this up yet again! :3 I really appreciate it! *goes to fix the title*
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lol you seem to be lol and your welcome ^^
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