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On Copyright - The Importance of Knowledge
In my previous journal I wrote about an art misuse case which has now been successfully resolved. It was not a pleasant experience but looking back I feel that it was very necessary. I learned a lot about dealing with art misuse and theft cases. I think the other party also learned something.
As unfortunate as it is, I think it is vital for an artist to experience a case in which their art has been stolen or misused. The party that is using copyrighted content without permission often tries to manipulate and scare the artist into submission. This is where the importance of knowledge comes into play. When the artist knows their own rights they can defend themselves better and “win” the case - unless the party that is against them is a complete asshole that won’t listen to reason.
A lot of the information that was uncovered in the YouTube art misuse case was new to me and I think I learned r
:iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 197 36
Body Types tutorial by Antarija Body Types tutorial :iconantarija:Antarija 165 29 Tiny Bed Hog by Aerorwen Tiny Bed Hog :iconaerorwen:Aerorwen 72 16


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The Shameless Thing
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Finally editing this thing, now with better english.

But I don't have anything to say D: just... compulsively making OC's and stories that may never see the light. And stuff, dark stuff, no, not porn stuff!!! ...not always.

Personal Quote: ò.ó que jodidos es eso?!



Saw :iconaerorwen: do this and recalled the beautiful time when I got this things on a daily dosis… ON E-MAIL.

Felt like a goddamn fossil. Enjoy.

Also, I’m using my lap’s songlist, so is kinda outdated to what I actually have. :/ perks of being away.

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Frostwire, etc. on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag whoever you want.

How would you describe yourself?:
Ghost of Desert, by Hamka

.D well, taking account of my low heat tolerance, I WOULD actually become a ghost if you ever dare to put me on a desert.

What do you like in a guy/girl?:

La Insula de Barataria, by Mägo de Oz

The land Don Quixote promised Sancho [so he stopped being a whiny little…] wait, what does this even means??? Easy, I like guys/girls who doesn’t exist.

How do you feel today?:
Caprichosa by Chayanne

[Capricious] Welp, that’s me on a daily dosis.

What is life's purpose?:

Adios Dulcinea by Mägo de Oz

[Goodbye Dulcinea –D. Quixote’s imaginary girlfriend-] I’m forever friendzoned. Haha. The whole song is about a guy saying goodbye to the girl he loves because he found where he belongs and he’s gonna think dearly of her and try to get her back but in the end its just his final goodbye.

What is your motto?:

Bonjour – Beauty and Beast Soundtrack.

…yep. That’s me. The town’s weird dude who is always doing shit nobody gets… AND YES, I believe the “normal” ones are boring as fu.

What do your friends think of you?:

Aquel Paseo sin Retorno by Saurom

[That Walk without Return] Well, excuse me princess. But I DID warn you all about me.

What do you think of your parents?:

Despues de Ti by Cristian Castro

[After You] …came another? I’m not sure XD the song is about how empty everything is without someone, but uh… I don’t think my parents are gonna miss me THAT much XD

What do you think about very often?:

Tempête by Alizee

[Storm] wat?

What is 2 + 2?:

Slaves Forlorn by Fairyland

What do you think of your best friend?:

Wherever I May Roam – Apocalyptica

You Shall Follow. Me thinks.

What do you think of the person you like?:

“El Complot” - Big Brother Theme song.

I am a stalker :iconpatrickplz:

What is your life story?:

Nice Guys by Nigahiga

That’s it! FOREVER FRIENDZONED!! GOD. And now I’m a jerk too. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?:

A Whole New World – Aladdin Soundtrack


What do you think of when you see the person you like?:

Duele el Amor by Alex Syntek

[Love Hurts] That was low BI

What will you dance to at your wedding?:

Alambrado Sea Dios by Mägo de Oz

[some kind of cynical joke about Praising Him] I’m going to hell because of this XD

What will they play at your funeral?:

Sad but True by Apocalyptica

*Not Sure if Laugh or Cry*

What is your hobby/interest?:

Rockstar by Everclear

Specially because I can’t sing to save my life. But my hair is long and crazy and messy… so I got that for me, which is nice.

What is your biggest fear?:

My Last Hope – Hercules Soundtrack

I despise exercise so much, I would leave everyone die just so I don’t need to run there.

What is your biggest secret?:

Pensando en ti by Mägo de Oz

[Thinking about You] …ok, that’s scary.

What do you think of your friends?:

El Principe de la Dulce Pena by Mägo de Oz

[The Sweet Sorrow Prince] Vampires. Right.

Tags: I refu… :icondesmond-the-patient: YEAH. YOU. NAO. :iconmexicaniaikatarainc: I feel your answers would be good :3 so, pretty plz?

…remember the “outdated songlist” thing? Yeah, I had a lot of Disney and Mägo de Oz (I still do, but there are even more things now).


:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Now enjoy another tag thing because I don’t want to submit two journals :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


1.) post these rules (I don’t want BI)

2.) Each Person has to share 13 things about them (Why?)

3.) Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag have to answer (I don’t wanna thiiiiink)

4.) choose 13 people. (too many BI)

5.) Go to their page and inform them they were tagged (or just list their name in the journal, and it will appear in their notifications)

6.) not something like "you are tagged if you read this” (u mad bro?)

7.) you legitimately have to tag 13 people (hnnnng)

8.) you can't say you don't do tags (I KNOW you know. I get it. I get the concept.)

9.) tag-backs are allowed (gonna tag you back then)

10.) YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY NO COMMENTS unless commenting about the actual entry (welp, k)

11.) you have to finish this within a week. if not, you'll have to do what the creator asked you to: art, RP, etc. ( >:3 ) ( :iconyaomemeplz: better have something in mind)

12.) be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged” things (was the D okay?)

13.) Cussing is allowed (when isn’t?)



1) Left my house two months ago, still not sure where everything is at this one.

2) I greet all the dogs I meet on the street. Most of them greet me back.

3) I had a shiny ditto whose nickname was Bitch; he was a battler and was never left on the daycare.

4) Following that one, I had another, regular, ditto whom was around level 80 because I used him to breed and fill my dex.

5) I dried a cactus… YES, a friggin CACTUS.

6) I can digest paper.

7) I...don’t hate Twilight. Yup. I said it.

8)  If there’s a ball near me, it will hit me at any given moment. This has been scientifically proven.

9)  For every new fandom I get into, I create an OC called Hisoka which shares almost the same traits than every other Hisoka I have made beforehand.

10) I’m obsessed with the nekomimi, but I identify myself with a hobbit.

11)  I slept through half of high school, still not sure how did I managed to graduate.

12) Glass doors have a strange feud against me.

13) I’m a compulsive collector and obsessive keeper. I hoard things and don’t you dare to touch those papers because they’re the seven different wraps for that one candy I ate last year and no I don’t care if I can get them all again in the mall you just don’t touch those ones but thanks for the info now I can get TWO OF EACH SEVEN DIFFERENT WRAPS.



1.  Tell me something you want to improve about yourself.
    I can nom my toes, I want to go further.

2.  Tell me something you're proud of doing this past week (you have to say something it can't be nothing).
    Ate eggplant twice and didn’t die.

3.  Tell me what you seek in a potential romantic partner.

4.  Tell me if you were a prodigy in a certain subject, what would it be in and why?
    Music. I don’t need to speak any language or be a math genius or anything similar to be known worldwide. Music doesn’t need translation. Music doesn’t need an explanation.

5.  You have been thrown into an anime.  Which one is it?

6.  Do you like my polls?

7.  Even if you don't you must now answer the next one hundred polls I make.
    I was going to do that anyway :shrug:

8.  Tell me out of the 9 OCs I (kinda) showed on dA, which one is your fav and why.
    I’m on a tie between Grand and Falcion.

9.  Do you prefer the taste of flesh or greeneries?
    O – O I eat grass out of despair.

10. Name one of yo ships.
    Titanic!!! wait… no… hnng… H.M.S. Beagle!! Yep, that’s better. Darwinism for the win.

11.  Choose a character that you wish you were.
A TLOZ Cucco.

12.  Describe your friend group(s).  (for ex: jocks, nerds, geeks, hipsters, etc.)
    Well… Desmond is a deviant. Karo is a writer. And Hana is the next antichrist. And they don’t know each other, sooo… hipsters?

13. *puts squid on top of your head and pats you* Stay fresh.
    Will do.
            The squid’s name is Charles. You can touch her.



QUESTIONS AND COMMANDS FOR OTHER PEOPLE: I’m gonna twist around Yuki’s questions because I’m out of creativity right now.

1.  If you must be a totally different person, which trait about yourself would you like to keep?

2.  Tell me something you're proud of doing this past week… but other people are not. (you have to say something it can't be nothing).

3.  Tell me why would you seek a potential romantic partner?

4.  If you were a prodigy in a certain subject, what other subject would you be a total failure in exchange?

5.  You have been thrown into an anime.  Which one is it? (I’m leaving this. It’s nice)

6.  Do you nuzlocke?

7.  Your starter died at the first rival battle, choose any pokémon from any gen to replace it.

8.  Tell me about your very first OC. Mine was a vacuum fluff.

9.  Do you prefer the taste of flesh or fresh blood?

10. Name one of your ships. (I like this one too)

11.  Change places with one of your OC. Which one is it?

12.  BAE, MVP, SO…they’re memes. Give them another meaning.

13. *puts Charlie on top of your head and pats you* Kill, marry, fuck; between the main character of question 5, and answers 8 and 11.



Tag You're It: :iconyukiranine: :icondesmond-the-patient: :iconthegoldenboss: :iconmiss-jose: :iconfixc: :iconccdragon-93: :iconkidariko: :iconmakotozhyzn: :iconyamiless: :iconmelyuzu: :iconnekrocodile-izumi: :iconjymaru: :iconneridy: :iconstrawberrypuddin:

  • Listening to: Some random soap opera.
  • Reading: Nuzlocke notes.
  • Watching: Dataless822
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: I'm not hungry.
  • Drinking: Water.


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