RP Comfort Meme
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Published: September 17, 2016

RP Comfort Meme

Meme originally by ElfSama | Edits by KiyokoAmaya | I modified a bit too

I got tagged for this by Huuni and CuddlyBunneh

A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid!
A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

tick by DiegoVainilla - Yes
x by DiegoVainilla - No
* by Kittyrocker - Preferred
Question mark by kreelah - Not Sure/Meh
Thanks to Tashea for finding these pixels for key~

Roleplay Basics

The places I RP at are...

x by DiegoVainilla - Comment 
x by DiegoVainilla - Chats
x by DiegoVainilla - Notes
Question mark by kreelah - Forum
tick by DiegoVainilla - Skype
tick by DiegoVainilla - Discord
* by Kittyrocker - Google Docs
Google docs is really nice ; v; I like to file away all my RPs so I know where they are, so generally the better organized the records, the more likely I'll do the thing.

My preferred headcount is...
* by Kittyrocker - 1x1
tick by DiegoVainilla
 - 2-3 people
Question mark by kreelah - 4-5 people
x by DiegoVainilla - 5+ people
If there's 5+ people, often I'll still do it, but I'm not usually pleased about it.

I Post...
x by DiegoVainilla - 1-2 sentences per post
tick by DiegoVainilla
 - 1-2 paragraphs per post
* by Kittyrocker - 2-5 paragraphs per post
tick by DiegoVainilla - 2-3 pages per post
I tend to write what I need and sometimes I need a lot, sometimes I don't. 1-2 sentences is usually not the case for me though.

I Prefer to read...
x by DiegoVainilla - 1-2 sentences per post
tick by DiegoVainilla
 - 1-2 paragraphs per post
* by Kittyrocker - 2-5 paragraphs per post
tick by DiegoVainilla - 2-3 pages per post
I expect my RP partners to prioritize content relevant to our mutual interests over sticking words in.

I like getting requests from...
x by DiegoVainilla - Total strangers
Question mark by kreelah - Friends and acquaintances with OCs unaffiliated with groups.
tick by DiegoVainilla
 - Members of RP groups I'm in that I've RPed with.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Members of RP groups I'm in that offer to write the starter. ^^;
tick by DiegoVainilla - Members of RP groups I'm in that I haven't RPed with.
I like it when people I want RPs from ask me for RPs assertively. It helps me feel like I'm not a pushy person (but I am) ; v;.

If I mess something up in RP, I'm comfortable fixing it when...
x by DiegoVainilla - Logical foundations don't exist for why I should be correcting something.
x by DiegoVainilla - It's out of character and it doesn't benefit all participating RPers to some degree.
x by DiegoVainilla - Too much RP-time has passed. At this point I just look for a reason for why it happened rather than fix it.
tick by DiegoVainilla
 - I missed something in someone's post.
tick by DiegoVainilla - I missed something about someone's character.
tick by DiegoVainilla - It makes a whole lot of sense.
tick by DiegoVainilla - There's a great opportunity to make plot/story.
I usually don't mind fixing things as long as I find the reasoning for the fix sound, and I may debate it to check how strong the argument is for fixing.

I expect my RP partners to...
- Reply within 3 days if possible.
- Keep a linear chronology.
- Have decent grammar and spelling.
- Work with constraints instead of complain about them.
- Communicate with me if anything comes up.
- Take an assertive interest in building the story and not only be reactive (this can be done with the setting, even if the OC is really passive).

Roleplay Pace

I usually reply within 36 hours.
If I'm fast, I reply within 30 min.
When I'm slow, I tend to reply within 3 days.
When I'm really really busy, I will reply withing 1 week.

I prefer that people reply...
tick by DiegoVainilla - Immediately.
* by Kittyrocker - Within 4 hours.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Within 12 hours.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Within 24 hours.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Within 3 days.
Question mark by kreelah - Within 1 week.
x by DiegoVainilla - 8+ days.
I tend to RP a lot so when a certain chapter closes on my OC's development, I'd like to leave it behind. I'm usually okay with waiting if I've been informed of what's going on, or if I just really enjoyed where the RP was going. 2 weeks without communication is an automatic drop of the RP from my tracker though. ; v; I don't like to drop, and I don't like to abandon even more cause it means the story gets removed from the timeline, as if it never happened. Bottomline: if you're going to be gone longer than 3 days, tell me please! I tend to reply faster if I enjoy RPs with someone more, or if they also reply in a timely manner.

I'm okay with getting reminders to reply to an RP...
x by DiegoVainilla - 1 hour after the last post.
Question mark by kreelah - Within 6 hours of the last post.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Within 24 hours of the last post.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Within 3 days.
* by Kittyrocker - Within 7 days.
I usually keep really clear tabs on what RPs I have open and what I'm blocked on but one or two can always slip my notice. Chances are if I haven't replied, I'm thinking about it... but if it's been a week, I might have actually forgotten.

I tend to remind people to reply...
- If I need something from the RP for something.
- If I feel like I'll lose grasp on the RP if the RP doesn't stay active.
- If 7 days have passed since the last post.
With people who are busy and can't post often, I might start reminding in the beginning, then stop eventually because it feels like I'm beating a dead horse. They know they have RPs to reply to. Reminding them doesn't change that they're busy. So I basically trust everyone I RP with to remember I exist and that system's been pretty decent for the most part. I do ask people to drop RPs if they haven't posted in 10-14 days. This is sometimes without reminding them to post because of my expectations for people to remember I exist.

The maximum number of RPs I have at a time is...
Over 9000.


I'm comfortable shipping my characters...
tick by DiegoVainilla - Never.
Question mark by kreelah - Our characters know each other deeply.
tick by DiegoVainilla
 - Our characters know each other deeply and I know I can trust the other RPer.
x by DiegoVainilla - At the first sign of flirting.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Only if the RPer and I plan it.
tick by DiegoVainilla - CRACK SHIPS. (Cadenza totally crack-shipped with Asteria's only bra.)
* by Kittyrocker - It depends on the character.
It almost always depends on the character for me and always has to be plot-based. In the case of Cadenza, I pretty much ship-proofed her for anyone looking for cheap love, but I do have (unknown) OCs that aren't like that.

I'm okay with my characters being touched if...
- Anything goes as long as it's in-character.
I may make certain plot-related requests for certain actions to be refrained.

If you want to ship with my character...
x by DiegoVainilla - Talk to me about it at the start.
Question mark by kreelah - Talk to me about it once our characters have interacted 1 on 1 a couple of times.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.
* by Kittyrocker - Talk to me about it once they both have a good deal of feelings for each other and you're prepared to be shipped with me as an RPer as well cause I RP A LOT AND YOU'LL BE DRAGGED IN.
Well... I drag you in, even if there are no ships involved...

How fast I ship characters...
- It really depends on the characters, but unlikely anything under 3 months.
I don't RP for the sake of shipping after all.

- No.

When posting romantic artwork...
x by DiegoVainilla - If our OCs aren't in a relationship.
x by DiegoVainilla - Sexual in nature.
Question mark by kreelah - If our OCs kinda feel a thing for each other maybe.
Question mark by kreelah - Kisses
tick by DiegoVainilla - Hugs and cuddles
* by Kittyrocker - My character remains consistent with her personality and appearances.
I feel like the furthest we'll get with my OCs is friendships, but the friendships can get clingy huggy. :D

Dramatic Stuff

When it comes to violent situations in RPs, I'm comfortable with...
x by DiegoVainilla - No violence at all. (Of course I want in on the action!)
Question mark by kreelah - Mild violence. (I guess I can living having only two bruises or something...)
tick by DiegoVainilla - Punching, kicking, brawls and scuffles.
tick by DiegoVainilla - Blood gets spilled.
* by Kittyrocker - Torture, disembowelment, flying limbs (sign me up here please).
This doesn't really do well for my public image, huh...

If you're going to do something violent...
x by DiegoVainilla - Autohit
x by DiegoVainilla - Don't do it (... this contradicts the premise. Stop that.)
* by Kittyrocker - Surprise me without autohitting
tick by DiegoVainilla - Talk to me about it first.
Brownie points if the sequence is creatively choreographed.

If you're going to post dramatic artwork...
x by DiegoVainilla - Misleading facial expressions. (PLEASE STAY IN CHARACTER)
Question mark by kreelah - It didn't actually happen in RP or head-canons (unless if it's purely conceptual... but then it should show that it's illustrative/metaphorical/hypothetical.)
* by Kittyrocker - It happened in RP and the illustration strongly represents the RP scene.
Quote excerpts are always welcome~

I promise I'm not a violent person. I don't know how you'll believe me after looking at these prefs though.

Other Stuff

When you post general art work of my characters, I'm fine with it if it's...
x by DiegoVainilla - Out of character.
x by DiegoVainilla - If you haven't at least looked at my OC's profile/app.
Question mark by kreelah - If you don't know me and haven't RPed with me.
tick by DiegoVainilla - If you know me and my character.
tick by DiegoVainilla - If I commission the piece.
* by Kittyrocker - If you RP with me and the character you're drawing.
I prefer to only draw characters that I RP with because to me it's important that I accurately represent a character to the best of my abilities. To that end, I expect the same amount of care and attention to detail from people who draw my OCs.

Pet Peeves...
- When an RPer doesn't communicate and leaves an RP hanging for two weeks.
- When I'm the only person initiating conversations between myself and another RPer for a long period of time.
- When there's an undeniable lack of IC reasons for IC things happening.

Ironclad Rules...
- Plot and staying in-character are equally important to me.
- RP a lot. Always RP.

Tagging people~

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cold-monsterStudent Digital Artist
:thumbsup: this is a very useful list.
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Recently I've been in a slump though ; v; For about a month.
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VinzeliStudent General Artist
You seem like a fun person to rp with :>

I have a question though, you say you enjoy longer rps. Feel free to ignore it, it's just my curiosity.
I've found a issue which comes up often for me with rps which go over a paragraph is when the rper write a long thing they get a few different actions into it, says their character hugs another and then lets go and starts talking. And then with these reaction-streams the other rper replies to all the reactions, say their character returns the hug and then replies to the conversation. And then that builds up with the first character being happy with the returned hug or something, and a longer span of time grows between the start of each reply to the end of it. And the the beginning of the reply only catches up the the conversation the characters are having a couple replies later and by that point they're going out to eat dinner or something at the end of the reply. 

If that makes any sense, how do you deal with it? Or do you just not mind that? Or have you just never had the problem?
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
I don't usually mind it too much. The people I RP with are usually sensible enough to leave some momentary gaps and also act according to the other character's potential actions. We tend to just use each other's gaps as much as we can
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VinzeliStudent General Artist
I see~ Thanks for answering my question~
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What exactly does one do in an RP?
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
It's pretty much like improv script-writing/story-writing.
You play a character and you interact with other characters using your written character.
Basically just writing a story back and forth but you only control the part of the story that is your character, reacting to the parts of the stories that other RPers write with their characters.
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Ah I see, thank you!
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
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Shiiraa-xHobbyist Digital Artist

The maximum number of RPs I have at a time is...
Over 9000.

I see what you did there :iconheplz:
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
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