The Last of the Loose Ends

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Published: April 6, 2017
To the students of the Express:

10 months have passed since the the Express left St. Reverie. In that time, I have neglected to perform the duties of one established within a society and forwent the need of a will. This was under the expectation that my belongings would naturally be recouped by the Synderlin Clan if I perish. With the most recent encounter in regards to Nivisia and a message delivered by my Kenyssa, Kyrie Vertrage, I stand corrected of that expectation. As such, a written will is no longer a matter that I may ignore. I dictate this now to Ernest Forfrysning of Ernest and Elise Scribal Services as he will serve as my notary and Kyrie Vertrage my witness here in the town of Creya, this Second Moon of the Season of Fog.

::    ::    ::    ::    ::

To whom it may concern,
If you found this letter tucked between page 340 and 341 inside "Man, Beast and Aemis," then be assured that it is no longer practical to assume that I live. Therefore I request the following of those who survive me.

Article I: Notices to be Delivered
The following persons and establishments are to be written.

    Master Kah Synderlin and Mistress Guinivere Synderlin
    Synderlin Heights
    Trefoil Pass, West Strait
    Three Isles Alliance

With the Notice of Death, enclose if possible the black switchblade that I carry on my person and my most recent report card.

    Guildmaster Fitzer Pendragon
    Thaumaturgist's Guild Guildhouse
    Consortium Park, Campus District
    Ceraisona West Coast
    Republic of Alysy

With the Notice of Death, inform Guildmaster Pendragon that the following persons be forwarded a copy of the notice through him:
        Grandmaster Jonathan T. Ulysses
        Assistant Guildmaster Yeager Shearling, to be informed additionally that I will claim my favor posthumously by proxy.
        Master Adriana Tesla
        Journeyman Holbern Graves
        The family of the late Master Salinger Idricus
        The Allenmory Potion House, Graysbeard town branch
        Vitzroy Gemcutters and Jewelers
        The Wyse Alchemy Atelier

Article II: Effects to be Distributed
Artifacts, rights and privileges to which I lay inviolable yet transferrable claim to are to be distributed accordingly as follows:

To Adriana Tesla,
My effects left at the Ceraisona branch.

To Aquila,
The potion-grade nut oil from the middle drawer of my bunk, for continued care of the cedar perch.

To Durante Arminio,
The curse-breaking bell obtained in Silverwood, as you will need to break curses more than most.

To Jae-Hwa An,
The incense burner on my headboard. The search log that sits directly beneath it.

To Kyrie Vertrage, my Kenyssa,
The brass chains from my uniform.

To Lorea Art,
The small sharpening stone in the right-side compartment of my headboard, for the upkeep of the pantry.

To Morgan,
My pink scarf. It may resolve matters in regards to cats.

To Oriana Ignis,
The Allenmory Concentrate flame repellent on my headboard. It is safe for use on skin and clothing. Remember to dilute it before use.

To Remiel Fintan,
The staff and blade, Faizal. I will have no more use of it and you've no weapon I know of but your fists. My hair ribbon, which may be taken to any Thaumaturgists' Guild guildhouse to seek emergency assistance upon invocation of Yeager Shearling's name. This is usable only once. You will likely continue to needlessly assist others. In return for your tutelage, I transfer you the privilege of my connections.

To Roh,
My copy of "The Encyclopedia of Anatomy and Physiology, 7th edition," and the following message,
"If you fail to understand this material after studying the annotations in the margins, leave the Express and find a living elsewhere, far from academia."

To Skylar Everheart,
The right to the co-authorship and full authority over the dictation of my thesis. My herbology kit. My first-aid kit. The right to autopsy my remains.

To Yeager Shearling,
My research portfolio, to be delivered to any relevant guildhouse.

To Yhuria,
The glass chessboard in the right-most drawer, beneath my clothes.

To Asteria Sacraluna,
My garments, including my uniform and related accessories. I've often borrowed your shirts. It's fitting that you find use for mine.

To Frey Hemmings,
The remainder of my potions, to be used for the sake of science.

To Severo,
The entirety of my bibliographical collection and all that I've kept inside them. My parchments and inks. The remainder of my effects that remain unclaimed upon the Express.

To The Express,
The remainder of my funds, to be transferred in honor of prior-made arrangements, for the use of maintenance and upkeep.

To Kah and Guinivere Synderlin,
My effects remaining at Synderlin Estates.

All those named will have full discretion over that which is inherited.

Article III: Additional Requests
The following are non-mandatory requests to be honored at the discretion of those surviving.

I request that my living quarters in Room 726 of the Express continue to be used for book storage until that space is needed otherwise.
I request that the bear pelt in the storage, the result of a hunt from Stonehaven, be used as public property.
I request that if there are any egg custards left in frozen storage with my name on them, bake them and eat them immediately as I will no longer be around to discern the expiration dates.

This is placed here on Scribe Forfrysning's insistence that it be included, possibly because he is being paid per-word. I won't know if he'll write all of this but the rate isn't poor, and if this is as intact as Kyrie might confirm in his witness' signature, we will know where Scribe Forfrysning's interests lie, whether we wish to or not.

There isn't much I have left to say. The dead are dead and the living are living. I find it unusual and unwieldy to speak as if dead when I still breathe. I believe that I lived in a manner which requires little to be said after my death, because I've said it all while I lived and when it mattered to my goals. The end comes to everyone, sooner or later. There may be no controlling when that may be. I've merely chosen to take care of what I might leave behind. In that, I face death without doubts or apprehensions.

If you must remember me, then do so objectively.

Elyri Cadenza

Witness: Kyrie Vertrage
Notary: Ernest Forfrysning

© 2017 - 2019 Nyanfood
Tying up Cadenza's story from :iconproject-revelation:
It was a good run.
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lovealocticHobbyist Digital Artist
you got me into cadenza and pr very long ago T.T
Im excited to see what you will do next :3
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Ryui-chiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait - what?! I feel like I missed everything--
Did you leave the group with both of your characters? Why though? ;;
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Didn't feel like I belonged.
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Ryui-chiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh, I see.. That's a pity!
What happened to Kyrie? I couldn't find anything about him--
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
He went to deliver the notices of death, and then returned to the isles.
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Aaaaaa Cadenza ;; A ;; I'll miss her even tho I never got the chance to interact with her much jasvbdjhbjhabhd 
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
LOL what part of her do you miss, then?
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Hmmm... well this is actually difficult to answer. 
Maybe I mistook missing for being upset? Like, it's a shame that she has to go.
Tho, I respect her honesty and strategical thinking.
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I'm-- ;o;
Lilysplash's avatar
Oh my lord... I had no idea that my feels could be wrecked so quickly in a time span of roughly 5 minutes.
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Feel free to read from page 62 or so of the most recent RP on the tracker XD;;;
You can get your feels wrecked harder over there.

I'd really suggest starting from around page 54 for more context though.
(try not to accidentally edit anything lol)
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I've started reading and Good Lord Almighty are you guys amazing role-players and also I feel like I'm probably going to start crying by the end? LOL (I ironically say as I fight back tears)
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Nyan told me and I'm-- aklfj;ajfklajfalkj!! Thank you for your words ;u; <3
Don't torture yourself more than you have to oh man. <33333

Nyan truly fucked me up with this rp. I was bawling at her last post. I could hardly
write the last bit.
Lilysplash's avatar
AWWW NP?? You guys are actually amazing, haha. I feel like your roleplaying is such an inspiration for me to improve my own writing omg ;o;

AND I REALLY REALLY WAS SOBBING... I made the mistake of reading it on the public bus, and boy, was that a mistake. THE LAST TWO POSTS?? I REALLY BROKE DOWN RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND--
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
If you do, it's my win.

(Also thank you :D I'll tell Rhap that too. She RPs Remy, as you probably already have noticed)
Lilysplash's avatar

And I really was able to hold it in until THOSE LAST TWO POSTS DGJSHLFAKDS--

(NPNP haha~ It's always so interesting to read over roleplays by other people?? They're so high quality omg)
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist

I'm happy that you find it interesting ; v;
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*Raises tea cup in silent solidarity*
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SerendiipitiiHobbyist Writer
Nice way to tie it up.
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
80 pages of RP to wrap it all up XD
Serendiipitii's avatar
SerendiipitiiHobbyist Writer
Hooolly o3o Long ending is long.
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Waruhi-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
ErraticRhapsody's avatar

Remy will always remember the girl who only spoke truths. His student. His companion. His little warrior princess.
Her body may be gone, but her memory will live forever. 
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