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{PR} - The Hinterlands
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Published: February 5, 2017
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Severo (Tashea) and Cadenza in the Hinterlands with Aquila.
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MelonKitCRISPHobbyist Digital Artist
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It's pieces like these that make me wanna spend more time learning how to make backgrounds. The colours are reaaaaaally soft and this picture itself is just really nice to look at. Random but I think it's referencing WoW but the bird and landscape also makes me think of Mulan???
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
The bird and the figures are actually all characters for a roleplay.
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My word this is indeed interesting^^ Do more like this alright?
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Maybe in the future. I'm not part of that RP group anymore so I'd have to figure out a different setup for inspiration.
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I have always loved grand vista shots of landscapes and this one is no exception. Just looking at this piece makes me almost feel the searing cold in my lungs as I draw in a breath of the bitterly-cold air, holding it for only a moment before I can bear it no longer and expel the air again, my breath fogging in the air for a moment before it is swept away by the relentless wind that howls between the peaks. While it's not my best work, I was inspired to make a haiku, so I hope you like it.

Among the high peaks
we stood in a misty veil
spirits soaring free
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
It's somewhat ironic that you wrote a haiku about freedom cause
both of these characters have issues with freedom.
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Is that so? I would be interested to learn more about that as I am always ready to listen to a good story. :3

What really inspired me to use the words "soaring free" is the fact that the bird (I am assuming it is a bird of prey such as an eagle) appears to be flying into the air, a metaphor for the unshackling of earthly concerns. The figure with the short hair seems to be connected somehow to the bird as they are reaching towards it, perhaps expressing a desire for that freedom? The second figure looks on stoically, arms crossed over their chest, which is defensive, giving the impression that they are a guardian to the first or that, maybe, they are resigned to their fate and are unsure about the freedom the bird is symbolic of, not ready to embrace it as readily as the other person seems to be.

That or I am reading WAY to much into this piece, as I often do, and I am just fabricating a story from my own flights of fancy. In any case, I really like this piece and I hope to see more of these characters!

P.S: Sorry for the long read. I tend to ramble on a bit sometimes, but I hope I expressed myself well enough.
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
You're not entirely wrong... but in this case, you're probably reading too much into it XD;
Both of these characters admire birds. In the guy's case, it's because they're, as you said, free. But in the girl's case, she just likes that specific bird, who is the guy's familiar and travelling companion.

While yes, he is technically her guardian, she is also his servant. The freedom that she created was in "the freedom to choose her master," but in exchange for her servitude, he offers her his protection. But the reason he crosses his arms is just his habit of looking down on others in disapproval or just him thinking about things.

The girl is too realistic to be embracing any freedoms. Every freedom she acquires she earns by outwitting her circumstances. She's definitely not poetic and she thinks hope is a waste of effort better spent by raising the potential of success through action.

This image isn't really meant to be symbolic. It's just supposed to showcase the sort of relationship these two people have. There are a few nuances here and there that can be inferred, but only by people who know their story.
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That's really neat! Thank you for the explanation, Nyan-tan!

(Is Beardozer over on Picarto, btw. I created this account ages ago and I dunno how to change my name here. XÞ)
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
o 3o
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Still love how the mountains came out. And how frosty it feels - v- 
The way it's painted and the colors chosen for the mountains are just super
pleasing to my eye. Not quite sure how to describe it.
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Lol thanks XD
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I went full inner nerd here, and immediately thought "Hinterlands" as in World of Warcraft.... but it isn't snowy in WOW's Hinterlands... hahahhah

(GEEZ you are killin it with landscapes!)
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
The RP group spent a good three months or so in the snow so I figured I'd practice some mountains.
Gotta practice till I'm as good as Sae-Midori O ^O)9
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Ahhh I love your colouring style! *u*
The shapes you make are so beautiful ♥
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you
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ErikaSymphoniaStudent Digital Artist
Oh, very nice~
I love the view
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LuwynHobbyist Digital Artist
On the thumbnail, I thought it was a photo, and still now, it's so realistic !
And it's very beautiful as well, I love it ! ^v^
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TasheaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this picture so much ;__;!!!
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
I will continue to hijack your bird.
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Wow ! The mountains are very realistic, I kind of can feel the cold  c:
I really like how you placed the characters on the left, gives a very smooth feeling to the piece~
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NyanfoodProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! It's cold here too ; v;
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StealthMsopzHobbyist Digital Artist
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