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{PR} - Priestess Colors by Nyanfood {PR} - Priestess Colors by Nyanfood

Clothing sewn for Oriana (BlazingBacon) by Kyrie, a set of clothes most characteristic of shrine maidens and priestesses in the Three Isles, consisting of five pieces. Each piece is hand-pieced and embroidered with gold, silver and black thread. All materials were acquired through connections with the alliances between crafting guilds. It is made of light and sturdy materials.

The jacket, like most Islander jackets, are designed to be worn draped onto the shoulders like a mantle. The sleeves are fully functional though and it can be worn normally. It's best for blocking high winds.
The overskirt is made of the same material and wraps around the chest in a sturdy faux-knot. It isn't actually tied but is made to look like it is. Instead, a strap underneath the knot makes the securing of this dress easy.
The underdress is made of spidersilk and dyed black. It is a simple strap dress with three diamond pleats, each decorated with a flame emblem and two white tassles.
The sandals are made with soles woven of sandalwood fibers glued onto molded rubber. The straps are made of elastic, shimmering fabric, most likely one of the new, synthetic materials from the city.
The hairpin is made of boxwood and decorated with as small fire opal -- not the best quality, since fire opals are expensive. The metal frame is made of rose gold (gold, copper, silver mix with nickle to strengthen it) and adorned with a tassle.
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Ayakotato Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student Artist
woa woa that's one pretty well planned and detailed design!! I really like that you also included a description telling us what materials have been used for what. Adds a nicer feeling to it in a way >w<
The outfit really fits the character as well! Great work Nyan~! *u*)b
Nyanfood Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you Ayako <3
ErraticRhapsody Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
my late butt is late SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This outfit is so pretty ;u; <33333 I think it's fitting for her too <3333 I especially love the added hairpiece. 
Nyanfood Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you~
berrysquid Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I still can't get over... that one rp you told us about... on Kyrie and dress-giving.........
Well done, Kyrie, well done :> //smacked

That aside, your ability to draw fabric (especially different types) still amazes me, and I will continue to observe and learn in hopes of one day attaining that skill 8D
Keep it up, Nyan!
Nyanfood Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you so much ; v;
Fabric is tricky XD;
I still can't say that I'm too great with it. ; v;
I'll keep studying!
ViPOP Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ah there's a lot to learn from all the materials you've included OwO really looking forward to going through the description again to draw Oriana OwO <3 
Nyanfood Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017   Digital Artist
o uo)b
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