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{PR} - Kyrie Vertrage
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Published: November 8, 2016
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▼ P R O F I L E 

[ B A S I C ● I N F O R M A T I O N ]
      ● Name: Kyrie Verträge
      ● Age: 16
      ● Birthday: September 13th
      ● Gender: Male
      ● Height: 6'2"
      ● Weight: 170lbs
      ● Magic: Arcane
      ● Voice: Ono Kensho
      ● Ranking: Bronze
      ● Species: Human


[ S K I L L S  &  M A G I C ]

Arcane magic overview: Kyrie's arcane ability mostly centers around projection magic, but because he is a weak spell-caster with limited magical potency, he has a hard time projecting physical things or maintaining his projections steadily. Instead, he projects the qualities and traits of things he's experienced in the past, usually in wavering bursts over short periods of time. This branch of arcane magic is called "Conceptual-Hypothetical Projection" or CHP for short CHP, like many arcane magics, is versatile. It is based in "borrowing" properties that exist in the past and present and forcing them to exist temporarily in the present and future.

Active Spells
  • Invisible Blade : Arcane | Utility/Buff : Bronze
Invisible blade summons the concept of visciousness into an object of Kyrie's choosing. Kyrie can apply this spell to any object, swing it, and use it as a weapon of that length. This is based off of the deadliest object that Kyrie has experienced in the past, which was his grandmother's glaive.

Increases STR stat by 1 | Lasts 2 turns | low mana spell | cooldown 2 turns from time of cast, +1 turn if it's the same object

- Kyrie only needs to touch an object for an instance in order to apply this spell to it.
- Limited to only something Kyrie holds. This spell is considered a 'self-buff' and can only be used in conjunction with one other self-buff.
- Invisible blade must be cast on a solid object. If the solid object changes states into gas or liquid, the spell is rendered useless and cooldown begins after one turn of failure.
- The object is limited to the volume of 12 cubic inches. Most blades can be entirely covered by this limitation, but he might only be able to apply this to the head of a tuna, for example.

  • Nightmare Perception : Arcane | Utility  : Bronze

Nightmare Perception is the hypothetical summoning of presences that Kyrie has experienced. He can use this to summon presences around him. However, this is not an illusion spell. Instead, it distorts awareness and intuition, similar to creating hallucinations, giving a dream-like sense that any changes had been there all along.

Lasts 3 turns | Cooldown 3 turns | Affects people within 5 meters


- This ability is subtle and it's difficult to tell that magic has been cast, its dream-like persuasion making it difficult to tell apart from reality.
- It is sometimes possible for this ability to be mistaken for a true summoning when it's closer to mental manipulation. There is nothing in the physical space of the area of effect, only in the heads of everyone involved, therefore firing anti-magic/disenchantment magic at the presences won't make them go away. Disenchantments must affect the caster for this to dispel.
- Those who are aware that this is magic at work can resist it entirely. Awareness can be gained either from externally received information from someone who isn't under the hallucination or from a skill that allows for the understanding of the skill.
- Up to two presences, collectively no larger in volume than Kyrie himself, can be summoned at a time.
- Kyrie moves slower when concentrating on presences.
- Kyrie can't simultaneously create different hallucinations for different people or exclude certain people from the effects, so everyone within range must have their magical LSD trip together.

  • Phantom Hero : Arcane | Utility : Bronze
Phantom Hero projects the best physical condition someone can be onto that someone and holds it there for one turn, deferring your injuries to deal with later.

This spell feels like an invitation to be buffed and mental consent is required for those moderately well-versed in magic. The one affected must know what their 'best shape' feels like given the limitations of their current body. Once the spell is cast, they will function like they're in tip-top health without being affected by injuries or status detriments. Injuries are temporarily healed.* Any attacks, even those that could chop their body in half or cut off a limb are ignored by their body and pass through as if through a ghost until the one turn is over, upon which all accumulated damage rebounds on the affected person. This includes fatal damage.

Example: A has Phantom Hero cast on him. A fights B. B stabs A in the chest but the sword doesn't do anything; A doesn't bleed or die. A stabs B and B dies. A walks away. Phantom Hero ends. A dies from chest wound inflicted earlier by B.

Temp. nullification of damages and debuffs| Lasts 1 turn (of the person being affected - spell ends sometime before the beginning of the person's 2nd post after this spell is cast) | Cooldown 5 turns | Single-target cast

- Acts as painkiller.
- If you're affected by a debuff, this spell's effects makes it so that the debuff turn counter is paused. You will get the remainder of the debuff turns after the spell is over. Until then, you are temporarily unaffected.
- You can't take damage but you can deal damage while the spell is active. (You get all the damages you would've gotten later.)
- An enemy can mentally consent to this spell without learning what exactly it does.
- * "Best Shape" doesn't heal permanent injuries. Someone missing an arm won't suddenly grow an arm. But any injuries that can be healed normally by your own body are 'temporarily healed' for this spell's duration only. You get them back when the spell ends.
- "Best Shape" doesn't heal obesity either. Please exercise and eat balanced, controlled portions instead.
- You can decast this with any anti-magic ability fired at either Kyrie or the person being affected.
- It's hard to keep track of how or how much you're getting injured while Phantom Hero is active cause attacks pass right through you and you don't feel a thing. If someone kills you, you might not know till the spell is over, upon which you'll die.
- Since damage can't be felt during this spell, it's easy to get hit by magic without feeling a thing.
You can't be a meatshield if you have this spell up. Attacks will pass right through you and hit whoever you're trying to protect.
     - Not only that, you'll get the rebounded damage after as well (so you make the enemy's attack hit two people if you're not careful).

Passive Skill
  • Lunatic Massacre - Kyrie is able to deal physical damage to demons when his glasses are taken off.
Lunatic massacre is the name of Kyrie's "madness." It's instigated by a form of high-intensity synesthesia which allows his sight, smell and hearing to cross. Because he is able to sense stimuli in different representations (see and smell sounds, hear and smell lights, etc), he has learned to use it to open up a larger portion of his perception, making his awareness unnaturally sharp, which is the precursor to having this passive ability. Only those who have this madness in the Verträge clan can inherit the headship. Those who use it gain a strong affinity for killing, particularly killing demons, because it enables them to deal damage to demons physicallyThe side effect of this madness requires Kyrie to go hunting roughly once a month. If he does not kill demons and the such, he is driven to kill humans and animals. This can last from between 12 hours to 48 hours and can be overcome by drugging him into sleep or knocking him out forcibly (and repeatedly).

This passive is ineffective against demons in guise. They have to already be in their demon form. All other group rules regarding dissemination of information regarding demons and the killing of other OCs apply (though this is a natural given). Please check the group rules page for further information.

 [  S T A T S ]

Base Stats (+1 Upgrade Stats)

INT: 1
VIT: 0
SPD: 7
STR: 6
LCK: 0
DEF: 1 (+1)

▼ P E R S O N A L I T Y

❝She may be Master Synderlin's family, but she doesn't smell human.❞

- - -

❝I've nothing personal against demons. Hunting your kind is just in my blood. Kill to eat, eat to live. And when you're all gone, that'll be the end of me.❞

✖ Coward ✖ Tends to obey authority ✖ Sore Loser ✖ Needy | ✖ Afraid of taking responsibility | ✖ Unwilling to open up | ✖ Lies about his feelings ✖ Inferiority complex
- - - - -
✔ Persistent | ✔ Competitive| ✔ Pays attention to detail | ✔ Hardworking | ✔ Neat and Organized | ✔ Patient | ✔  Keeps secrets and promises well | ✔  Tries to be a decent person

Kyrie acts like he has his life together when he is secretly afraid of many things: his madness, his family, being killed, killing others. He tends to obey authority blindly because it's the easiest way to live without taking responsibility. Authority often likes him too, as he is hardworkingneat and organized, and keeps secrets and promises well. But because of this, he lies about his feelings when he disagrees with authority. He is competitive and determined to come out on top, as he has an inferiority complex, so he can be a sore loser when he knows his persistence would be in vain. His unwillingness to open up can make it hard to appreciate his attention to details. But at the very least, he is patient, and doesn't find it a pain to wait for things... except when he is needy. He tries to be a decent person when he can.


[ ● L I K E S ● ] 
● Peace
● Light and fresh foods
● Desserts
● Young-looking girls
● Embroidery and sewing
● Romance novels
● Artificing and smithing
● Collecting pretty, girly things
● Being useful to someone
● Fashion shows
● Pro-Wrestling????

[ ● D I S L I K E S ●]
● His family circumstances
● Anything pickled
● People getting close to his glasses or asking him to take them off
● Assumptions that he's good at math (or school in general)
● Taking exams/quizzes.
● People picking up on his weaknesses
● Making big decisions for himself
● Irregular sleeping schedules
● Being useless to others
● Losing
● Bullies

▼ B I O G R A P H Y

Kyrie was born into the Verträge clan, one of the 7 families of an alliance called the Phantom Pact. Legends say that the ancestors of the 7 families killed and devoured an angel in desperation to protect themselves with their own hands. They each received the power to take down demons of their own accord, but in exchange, each family bore a curse. The Verträge clan was no different. Kyrie suffers Kaleidescope Syndrome, better-known as synesthesia, a key predecessor to the curse of Lunatic Massacre. At age 3, the curse overtook him, and with a piece of a broken mirror, he killed his 4-month-old baby sister in her crib while she slept. His mother found him in the nursery with the child's entrails wrapped around his hands, and in the crib, a smudge of flesh and bone in a puddle of blood. Having been raised in the clan from birth, Kyrie's mother knew well of the family curse -- one of the half-cousins was found in the chicken coop with all the birds dead when he was 5. Kyrie's mother called the father and the father called the grandfather and the grandfather called the clan to council. The baby's remains were buried with high honors and Kyrie was given over to the care of Grandfather Ulrich, the then-headman of the clan.

Kyrie studied swordsmithing. The Verträge clan made weapons from demon corpses, weapons that would cut other demons. More than that, they forged a particular dueling weapon for fighting against trickier demons: the Lunar Fang. The blade was usually gently curved and thin. Instead of a hilt guard, the crescent for which it is named bent the steel... it was made of a single piece of material, with the blade and hilt forged from the same metal, and the hilt is wrapped later on, the length decorated, the sheath tailored for an exact fit. Only those with Kaleidoscope Syndrome could make Lunar Fangs, for it required an expanded perception that no common person's mind could achieve. Even then, there were those with the wrong type of Kaleidescope Syndrome for the job. In addition, he studied martial and magical arts, training the use of dual swords and hand-to-hand combat. However, he had such a poor affinity to magic that his instructors gave him up for hopeless. Only after many years of suffering through attempting to heal or defend or fight with magic alone did he learn that his magic could be competent. Different. Kyrie still had no talent for it, but being unwilling to lose to the circumstances, sharpened his Arcane magic to at least assist his blades.

He was 9 when he was sent to execute the criminal foster daughter of Kah Synderlin, the governor of Southbay. It was the first time he was told to cut down another human though he and many other members of the Isles suspected that Elyri Cadenza housed a demon in her body, making her as good as a demon. Sword in hand with family members at his back, citizens surrounding him and her, he advanced to behead her... but he failed in the face of her words and her resolve, then lost due to his own reluctance to stain his hands with human blood. It was then that he thought himself cursed by her. Anything he fails to kill once he felt he could never kill again. Cadenza was allowed to live by the law of the tribes (those who survive an execution cannot be executed again for the same crime). Thus he came to fear and hate her.

When he was 15, he was old enough to be sent with a relief party, to back up another team who hadn't returned though it was dawn. They trekked through the woods, him acting as scout... and then he saw them. Something had slaughtered or wounded half of the group of 14. It wasn't the demons. Those were dead on the ground. Of the remaining 7 members, 4 fought against a foe, 1 guarded another, who looked to be healing the wounded and dying. The last one fought against his Aunt Beryl. The rest of the relief group moved in, and supporting the remainder of the hunting party gone awry, killed the next-in-line heir to the headship, Beryl Verträge. Someone had knocked her glasses off and she'd gone berserk. They put her down like an animal then picked a new heir around Midwinter. Auntie Beryl would have been the new headman. Now Auntie Yve took her place. She would spend the remainder of Grandfather Ulric's life slowly taking over all of his duties. As of then, Kyrie was 3rd in line to the clan headship. More than once, he wondered if the curse was not the Lunatic Massacre, if the real curse was being born into such a family. The family was mad, he thought. Yet the family was all he had. He obeyed because it was easy to meet expectations without thinking. Still, he was afraid that he would become like Beryl, that the only people he served would turn on him for someone else's mistake.

Four months later, Kah Synderlin sent for him with a task. Being too busy himself, the Master of Synderlin Heights wanted Kyrie to go check on Cadenza for him. Cadenza hadn't written in two weeks, which was unusual, and none of his messages had been replied. Kah Synderlin included a letter of recommendation, that if he would like it, Kyrie could attend St. Reverie alongside his foster daughter and serve as a personal guard -- he would be well-paid for it and it would be a good learning opportunity. All matters were already discussed with the clan and permitted. Kyrie took it immediately regardless of the extraneous conditions he had to fulfill. This was his chance to escape from some of that madness. All his life he'd known nothing else but the insanity of the Verträge. While he hated and feared Cadenza, she was only one girl. St. Reverie was a magic school... but he'll fuddle by, somehow, someway. Kyrie packed his bags that very night. Before dawn of the following day, he was gone.

Upon arriving at the remains of St. Reverie after getting lost over half the continent, Kyrie finally realizes that the school's been destroyed and that if he wants to find Cadenza, he'd have to travel some more and get even more lost. He has been chasing the Express for goodness knows how long.

▼ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

 T R I V I A  ● ]
 ● Kyrie's glasses don't actually physically seal Lunatic Massacre. He's been conditioned to accept the glasses as a placebo effect, and thus the ability to suppress his madness comes from himself alone. His glasses don't do anything about his kaleidoscope syndrome though.
 ● His glasses are chained to studs in his ears. They come off if he pops the studs off. He will shower and sleep with glasses on if need be, and he always wipes them while they're still on his face.
 ● Kyrie looks older than he is because he is tall and well muscled. Though he is already tall, there are signs of him possibly continuing to grow. He is not fond of this.
 ● Being from the Three Isles, he is used to sarongs and loose pants, finding shirts uncomfortable and inhibiting. His casual clothes are traditional Islander garb.
 ● He has a tattoo on the left side of his neck and chest. He got it a few months back on a dare.
 ● His lunar crescents have a serrated edge, specifically for ripping through things. He forged them himself.
 ● Kyrie acts very differently when his glasses are off. He doesn't have a split personality. It's just not inhibited by his tendencies to give any fucks.
 ● Though he flexes his biceps in the early morning light, he enjoys embroidery and cooking and light cleaning and romance novels. The romance novels can be a bit difficult, because he does cry over them and wiping his eyes is hard with glasses chained to his face.
 ● His taste in women is questionable since he prefers those who look elegantly childish, but generally, all his crushes have been older than him.

▼ R P  M E T H O D S

Project-Revelation only
ADV LIT; more does not mean better
Google Docs ● Skype

I prefer either. 

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WOW---YOU HAVE A SON :iconmanrytearplz:
He looks great huhuhu- and I'm really digging those details in his weapons and gloves. Kyrie looks so cool
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Nyanfood|Professional Digital Artist
He is a trainwreck though. 8D;;;
; ^; Will you ever reapply?
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The walking pillar of awkward that supports the rolling monument of awkward (Frey)
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He's here!!!

His outfit and details are absolutely gorgeous, and I absolutely love that his eyes are orange. How handsome~
Let me feed him hot soup so his glasses fog up
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I haven't even drawn him outside of the app yet. I gotta practice.
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Glasses guy! I really like his design! *_*
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Nyanfood|Professional Digital Artist
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ahhh he's in! and he looks gorgeous!
I like the combination of his personality traits, it's very interesting :0
what is his name supposed to be pronounced like? I can only think of the German pronounciation.. did you aim at choosing a German word? 'Verträge' means 'contracts' in German c:
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Nyanfood|Professional Digital Artist
His first name is pronounced "kee-ree-ey"
(and yes, his last name is german, and is reflective of his family curse)
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Ryui-chii|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh, I forgot to mention I meant his last name o v o'' 
mhh.. I've had a quick look at what the curse is about..
I understood it as some kind of madness that can overwhelm Kyrie at times? how is it related to the name 'Verträge'?
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Nyanfood|Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, his last name would be pronounced in the German fashion.
His family ancestor allegedly ate the flesh and blood of an angel to gain Lunatic Massacre. That's constitutes as a form of blood-pact, or an organic contract.
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Aaahhh Kyrie is finally here! QuQ
The guy that Dante saw in the dream thingy, oh man looking good Nyan. ;u;
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Dante can have his male friends and his harem too.
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Lol, very true. I can't wait to have Dante meet Kyrie sometime~ ;u;
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Do you want to help in move in?
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:iconseagullplz: there he issss!! //jumps on his back//
i cant believe we forgot kyrie back at the troupe //laughing as i remember//
my his spells are really cool nyan even if i miss the blade-hair. one day.
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One day. o -o)b
Let's start causing chaos
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Do my laundry Kyrie... + q + 

This came out so good Nyan!!!!!
I hope to see more of him in art and in rps///
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Thanks Nama ; -;
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Oh man, I love his skills, they sound very neat but a double-edged sword(?) at the same time. Especially with Phantom Hero.
The name is very fitting. (Excuse the odd word use, the world itself is escaping me at the moment.) 

I also like how you wrote his past and how it affects who he is, it's nicely detailed and he sounds like a complex character with so much development potential! I hope he grows well!
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Nyanfood|Professional Digital Artist
I'm happy you like them. I try to stick to utility skills and leave his damages up to his physical ability.
Please let me know if you'd like to RP at some point, either with Kyrie or with Cadenza.
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solaviis|Professional Artist
It's really nice, it gives room for a lot of flexibility instead of the traditional hack and slash.I would love to meet either one of them!

I would love to meet either one of them! Do you have a preference to where you'd like to RP?
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Nyanfood|Professional Digital Artist
I usually prefer google docs. I have a filing system for it all.
If you have discord, you can find me at Nyanfood#2638
Otherwise, my skype is riyoku_sakimori
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