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Red Clutch Pirates Jolly Roger by NyandrewB Red Clutch Pirates Jolly Roger :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 3 1 Harvest Moon Theme by NyandrewB Harvest Moon Theme :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 5 0 United Elysium Remake Compact Nyandrew by NyandrewB United Elysium Remake Compact Nyandrew :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 3 0 United Elysium Nyandrew by NyandrewB United Elysium Nyandrew :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 3 0 United Elysium by NyandrewB United Elysium :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 2 0 Mighty No. 378 -Mikuzo by NyandrewB Mighty No. 378 -Mikuzo :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 76 58 Mighty No. 378 Mikuzo by NyandrewB Mighty No. 378 Mikuzo :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 20 2 New NyandrewB Trademark/Logo by NyandrewB New NyandrewB Trademark/Logo :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 6 4 Black and White Background Running The Race by NyandrewB Black and White Background Running The Race :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 8 3 CammyNekoRSX-18 by NyandrewB CammyNekoRSX-18 :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 32 18 Jesus Is My Superhero by NyandrewB Jesus Is My Superhero :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 33 38 Paid In Blood by NyandrewB Paid In Blood :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 6 1 RoboticSathira by NyandrewB RoboticSathira :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 33 16 Lovers Frances and Brazil by NyandrewB Lovers Frances and Brazil :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 19 6 Holly Summers by NyandrewB Holly Summers :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 26 28 Mizore Shirayuki by NyandrewB Mizore Shirayuki :iconnyandrewb:NyandrewB 67 67
This is my Gallery of all my art that I drew/created myself :3 hope you like it! Enjoy!~<3 Please don't steal/copy my work but it's ok too save/fav/use as references it if you'd like^^. The logo you see there is made by me and represents me. Thank you!
Credit : To all of the companies/franchises/creators/artists out there who originally created these characters you the boss!!


Epic Pokemon first generation perler part one by mininete Epic Pokemon first generation perler part one :iconmininete:mininete 3,103 490 Geno (Remake) by FalloutCat Geno (Remake) :iconfalloutcat:FalloutCat 48 6 Geno Art Trade by TheMarioRP Geno Art Trade :iconthemariorp:TheMarioRP 94 1 Mr. Geno by kenshinmeowth Mr. Geno :iconkenshinmeowth:kenshinmeowth 66 14 Geno Blast by Ariand54321 Geno Blast :iconariand54321:Ariand54321 104 65 Geno and Mallow by e-hima Geno and Mallow :icone-hima:e-hima 191 13 Geno by VVernacatola Geno :iconvvernacatola:VVernacatola 307 19 Geno Whirl +edit+ by Minaya Geno Whirl +edit+ :iconminaya:Minaya 276 38 Geno by Kaigetsudo Geno :iconkaigetsudo:Kaigetsudo 196 68 Geno WIP by Mushroom-Tower Geno WIP :iconmushroom-tower:Mushroom-Tower 207 38 geno by chtkghk geno :iconchtkghk:chtkghk 99 16 Geno by Code-Blu Geno :iconcode-blu:Code-Blu 116 18 Geno Sticker by ProSoul Geno Sticker :iconprosoul:ProSoul 262 26 Mario RPG - Geno and Mallow by GENZOMAN Mario RPG - Geno and Mallow :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,486 175 Geno Detail by ProSoul Geno Detail :iconprosoul:ProSoul 209 20 Geno by denim2 Geno :icondenim2:denim2 549 42
Awwwweee yeaaa these are my favorites, which are all very awesome art done by very awesome artists : D Power 2 the artists!~ <3
Credit: To all the artists who created these drawings ; D Good stuff! Keep it up! <3~


NyandrewB has started a donation pool!
148 / 1,000
-Point Commisions: I'll try my best, If I can't do it I'll tell you sorry D; I'm very sorry if something doesn't come out the way you want it. Oh and I'm also sorry If I don't get 2 you ASAP~ I might be not here at that moment or busy.
-Well, well I'll make this short and sweet. Note me up the information of what you'd want me to draw for you. Please link me anything if their are any references. I'll try too fix it for you if there something wrong with it.
\*10 points - Per Character W/ simple background of my choice (Unless you have an idea)
Point Commissions I've done:
1. :iconsolidmickemtk:- Honchkrow by NyandrewB
2. :iconmikalald:- Selena,Dylan,AndCreed by NyandrewB
3. :iconharpy-the-wise:- SilverHarpy by NyandrewB
4. :iconsoraac:- HarryAndSelena by NyandrewB
5. :iconkai-matsumoto:- RoboticKrono by NyandrewB
6. :iconkai-matsumoto:- KronoPoweringUp by NyandrewB
7. :iconsolidmickemtk:- Darunia and Deku Link by NyandrewB
8. :iconsolidmickemtk:- ChoulaTheShadowSheikah by NyandrewB
9. :iconyukimaru-kun:- Harpnote by NyandrewB
10. :iconstarlightheavenjumpe:- Lovers Frances and Brazil by NyandrewB


A few Requests(Free) I've done which Isn't all of them/aren't really in order either:

1.:iconcianaofthearts:- EspeonHera by NyandrewB
2.:iconsynyster66:- RoboticScarHellstorm by NyandrewB
3.:icondavidth90animations:- RoboticDavid by NyandrewB
4.:iconermacisback:- DragonLee by NyandrewB
5.:iconthebloosbrother:- SallyAcorn by NyandrewB
6.(MyNextDoorFriendWhoHasNoDAAccount)- NyankoSensei by NyandrewB
7.:iconsephy90:- YakoSummer by NyandrewB
8.:iconaikiloveski0:- Amaterasu by NyandrewB
9.:iconaikiloveski0:- NyamiMidoriRSX-143 by NyandrewB
10.:iconkiske-otoko:- HatsuneMiku and Morrigan by NyandrewB
11.:iconharpy-the-wise:- NovaTheEchidna by NyandrewB
12.:iconsolidmickemtk:- Brina,DynasticDancer by NyandrewB
12.:iconcrypticrealm:- RoboticEclipse by NyandrewB
13.:iconsolidmickemtk:- GardevoirDancing by NyandrewB
14.:iconshadowvampirefan:- RoboticScruffy by NyandrewB
15.:iconx-hydra04:- IceShardTheHedgehog by NyandrewB
16.:iconlancedrake15:- LanceTheDragon and IgniteTheSalamander by NyandrewB
17.:iconx-hydra04:- XaraKaruko by NyandrewB
18.:iconsolidmickemtk:- HonchkrowAndCherrie by NyandrewB
19.:iconyueru:- NinetailsNew by NyandrewB
20.:iconiteluna:- Zero by NyandrewB
21.:iconkimura798:- Kimura by NyandrewB
22.:iconwaraulol:- Deadpool Healthbar by NyandrewB
23.:iconichini2546:- AkumaChishio by NyandrewB
24.:iconiteluna:- VinrisRSX-42 by NyandrewB
25.:iconaxl-bits:- AxlCustom by NyandrewB
26.:iconmadarauchihaluvr:- Tayuya by NyandrewB
27.:iconsolidmickemtk:- Saria by NyandrewB
28.:iconyukimaru-kun:- LilithTheCat by NyandrewB
29.:iconsolidmickemtk:- Giovanni by NyandrewB
30.:iconsolidmickemtk:- Holly Summers by NyandrewB
31.:iconespio188:- RoboticSathira by NyandrewB

Think you like my art? Donate 1 point. : D Thank you for those who donate! XD Thank you very much! I want Premium Membership x3 <3

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Happy New Years everyone I know I'm very late to report here, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here live and well. Hello, haha for those who still remember me or not. Nintendo just confirmed Mewtwo's release and a surprise for Lucas DLC in June! I'm excited! But not only that they also are letting people report to Nintendo what character they would want for Smash Bros Wii U! So I ask for a BIG Favor. If you have not done so, or not that interested. Can you please go this link here: and Type in Geno and where it asks what game you put Super Mario RPG. Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! I would really appreciate it. I believe it's finally time Geno has his chance to get in and this is it! Please and Thank you very much for those who can!


NyandrewB's Profile Picture
Andrew B
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

New NyandrewB Trademark/Logo by NyandrewB
All Rights Reserved, TM Copyright © 2013 By Andrew B.

Welcome! Oh Hi there! = ) My art on the left is just examples and quickies to look at the rest of my art is in my gallery please feel free to check it out.

-Check out my Youtube Channel Here:…
-Check out my Tumblr Here:
-Check out my Google+ Here:…
-Check out my Twitter Here:
-Check out my Facebook Here:
I will post mostly game recordings on my youtube, so feel free to check that out. There isn't much on there yet but it will have a lot of stuff soon!
Please Subcribe! Thank You!
"Art is basically you drawing your artistic soul, If you like it, draw it."
"Practice makes perfect."
"Improving takes time and effort."
"God is everything." <3
I just want to say THANK YOU to all of those who are my watchers and friends and those who favorite my drawings you are all the best ;D. If you want a llama from me just please ask~ : ) or you can give me a llama and i'll give you a llama back ^^ Thanks for the Llamas!~
Oh, I was always told by my friends in High School that my style of art looked like some kind of techno dance rave or something haha D; I'm sorry if it bothers you it's like some light show. .-. oh.. If you noticed I tend to do better at drawing females than males for some reason. D: Sometimes I draw things really good depending on how I feel about it or how I feel at that moment or how much I really want to draw it > <. If you ever wondered why my user name is NyandrewB, well people online called me Andy/Drew short names for Andrew bah and I always randomly liked Nyan-ing so then I created Nyandrew.
Name: Andrew B
State: California CA, United States
Birthday: March 27
Favorite Color: Red/Gold/Black/Silver/Purple
Favorite Flower: Rose
Favorite Show: Supernatural
Ethnicity: Filipino
RSX Owner: Mizrahi Saki RSX-8…

Things I Like:
1. One Piece
2. Re:Zero
3. Erased
4. Dimension W
5. Kiznaiver
6. Eden of the East
-Drawing/Graphic Design
-Playing Video Games (FPS,RPGS,UMVC3/MVC3,FightingGames,Anything)
-Cosplay (Metaknight) - Google Me : Metaknight Anime Expo I'm the "2faced Metaknight" as they say, u'll see.… That is if you are interested.
-Bad Minton/Tennis/Basketball
-Spending time with my friends/family
-Music(Mostly any kind of music depends if it appeals to me or not)
-RSX Series ( I am the founder of the RSX Series ^^ )
-Chatting since I type to much..
Things I Don't Like:
-Sharp Objects
-Really annoying stuck up fake people who are nice just so they can ask for something back
-Getting yelled at or when people say I'm yelling when my voice is just normally very loud and I'm a big boy
-Headaches and Uncomfortable situations
-High places
-Ocean Water/Sea
-Hot air/Heat sometimes It makes my skin irritated
-Really nasty and disgusting looking cuts/Blood just thinking about it makes me not feel good right now.

Sorry, If you have a question about something just note me or ask : )
Those Who Matter by Ame-kun
:iconyueru:Yue for the win!! <3
Check her gallery out…
-Broski Dawg Gackt
:iconrencisan: Brodawgski for the win!! ;D
Check out his gallery…
:iconame-kun: AmePacuiaoLikeAB055 for the win!! LOL
Check out his gallery
:iconiteluna: VinceBr0SkiDawg for the win!! YEAA!!! Finally you made a Deviant Art Account! : D
Check out his page
:iconuberdigguh: Justine for the win! : D
You should check out her art here!:
Group Founded By Me: (Still in Progress)
Groups: (All really awesome/fun groups ^_^ )
:iconmorriganfans::iconmarioprincessesclub::iconluigixrosalina-club::iconvideogamegirls::iconweloverosalina::iconisle-delfino::iconrosalina-club::icontrue-sonic-club::icontherosalinafanclub::iconanti-sopa-group::iconmagna-storm::iconblazblue-art-group::iconsonic-fan-art-club::iconsonic-ocs-club::icondanielxriyofanclub::icondrawanimeart::iconocland::iconclub-ocs::iconpikachu-fans::iconsonicrealromances::iconggundam-fanclub::iconmegaman-zerofanclub::iconmegaman-universe::iconakuma-x-starrk-fc::iconmrl-fc: :iconthenintendoladies: :icongamefreak-fanclub: :iconmarioxrosalina: :iconcapcom-girls: :iconakeelah-x-starrk-fc: :iconmightyno-9-fanclub: :iconthe-mighty-numbers: :iconmegaman-evolution: :iconmighty-no9: :iconmegamanunlimited: :iconpaint-tool-sai: :iconocarina-of-twilight: :iconsaria-club:
Art I requested from other Artists(Friends) and Gifts to me: Thank You!~

1. :iconyukimaru-kun: Mizrahi Saki by Yukimaru-kun
2. :iconaxl-bits: :thumb292362390:
3. :iconame-kun: Happy Birthday Andrew by Ame-kun
4. :iconiteluna: Mizrahi Saki's bdayMizrahi Saki bday special =D
"YAY!!!" screamed Mizrahi at the top of her lungs startling her protecter Mizuko."Why are you screaming at the top of your lungs Mizrahi?" wondered the spooked protecter."Well it's my birthday today of course,"Mizrahi's smile the size of the largest ocean."Oh I see" said Mizuko with a happy tone,"Well then how about we go celebrate?" eagerly awaiting Mizrahi's reply."OKAY LET"S GO!!!!" said Mizrahi in an enthusiastic voice,they then began to travel slowly but surely to a nearby town that was world famous for it's amusement parks and fancy halls that make meals that would be fit for large kingdoms."Aww....i want to go there but we don't have the money to" Mizrahi looked down disappointed,"Hmm?'s money you need huh?" a voice from behind Mizuko and Mizrahi spoke suddenly they both turned around and saw a large man in armor and asked him "Who are you?" he looked back at them and said "Me? I'm Vinris, and I overheard you saying you needed money." Both the g

5. :iconaikiloveski0: Happy birthday to NyandrewB~I've known of you since 6th grade since the only word we spoke to each other was "Hey" (You) and "Hello" (Me) when I was still uber shy.
And now, 8 years later, we talk, argue, and make fun of each other.
But that's what siblings do right?
I love you! And I hope you have a wonderful day because everyone deserves their own sunshine every now and then. :D

6. :iconyueru: EOTE by yueru

Well, Sorry if I uhmm missed something. But if I remember anything I'll type it out? Haha.. XD Peace Out -NyandrewB~

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