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M720 Revolver Design Multiview

A try at perspective design. Very simple modern-ish revolver, .357, six-shot. Directly developed from this earlier rough sketch.

Photoshop with Wacom Tablet, SketchUp used to help with perspective.

And to those of you who caught the Cantor set... you math nerd, you.
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It's not the same, but this exists now!…
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Boy, has this been making the rounds or what? Glad to finally find the original artist! Your gallery is good stuff.
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Haha, thank you. I'm actually pretty surprised by how popular this has proved to be, given how, uh, comparatively little time I spent on it :D
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Like the hybrid design
HoshikoSoyokaze's avatar
Why am I thinking this is something McCree uses...

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This is so cool! Loving Deviant Art haha It really is a community of very talented artists.
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looks amazing !
everytime i see a revolver like this i have to think of bladerunner
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i really love this tech draws, for me they give a big plus to every story
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What a badass gun design! Can't believe you done it with photoshop lol, any game developers like the one who make Doom 3 should hire you as their weapon concept artist!
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This is very good design well done. It almost makes me want to purchase a revolver....almost. Point is that i find revolvers fun to shoot but i feel they are obsolete compared to semi automatic. but again very well design. I cant believe this my first time seeing one of your pieces. now i have to see the rest.
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Yess the metaba lol nice work
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Very nice. Reminds me of the Mateba Autorevolver, especially the upward-swinging cylinder.
The Model 6 Unica has a downward-swinging cylinder, as does the M2004.
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The M2006 inspired that bit.
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I'm gonna ask the Star Citizen people to ask you to let them use this.
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Man, it's a good turnout so far. They like it.

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This is hands down the coolest Revolver Pistol that I have ever seen.
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High praise! Thank you.
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You're welcome and keep up the good work!
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