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Texts and Scripts Bruhes

Created a while ago, hope you like them!

It became really huge, sorry! If you want i could make smaller parts for download, let me know if you want!

Please note and/or credit if you use them. Not for commercial use!
Have fun!
© 2006 - 2021 nyan-nyan
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Super cool... thank you

Thanks super cool

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Thanks mega handy!
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really gorgeous text brush! Thnks you! used here: [link]
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Thanks :-) I'm happy you like it!
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Thank you :) It's a nice avatar!
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looks awesome. not sure if i will use them. But nevertheless:thanks for sharing :)
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Happy you like 'em :)
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You're welcome :)
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I've used your brushes here: [link]

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i was wondering if there was anyway we could like preview them. Is that possible. I don't wanna have to download them all, it's kinda big, and I don't think I'll use them all. If there is anyway to preview that'd be cool cause you said you might be able to crop them down. Are they brushes or downloadable texts?
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these are brushes. but if you want i'd be able to upload them seperately. or you send me your mail adress and i'll send them to you :)
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ooh thanks, that'd be nice. email address works.
thank you so much
you're amazing! :worship:
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ok, i'll send you a review pic as soon as i can, there you could decide which one i should send you :)
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thank you very much! I await your email
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downloaded them!
just downloaded these...thanks
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